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Superyacht Technology Network Summit to Bring Together Industry Experts and Brands

With an overlap in technology audiences, the team from Superyacht Technology Network will be hosting a Superyacht Technology Network Summit at ISE in May 2022, bringing a perfect synergy to the traditional ISE exhibitors and visitors. 

This half-day Summit is on Thursday 12th May 2022 with constructive conversations and knowledge sharing by internationally recognised speakers and some of the world’s best blue-chip tech companies will bring you exciting Tech Talks, to truly stimulate your tech hunger.

The first Superyacht Technology Network Conference recently took place in October 2021 in Barcelona, dedicated purely to superyacht technology, hosting inspiring global technology speakers, technology thought leaders, immersive hands-on demos, and workshops. The conference was universally applauded by the superyacht industry and seen as a ground-breaking event.

If your business is technology and you are not working with the superyacht industry currently you need to ask yourself why not.  The superyacht industry is also looking to see what we can learn from other industries that are present at ISE, therefore an allocation of top ISE attendees will also be attending.

The superyacht industry is notoriously closed door, this is your opportunity to meet with key integrators in the industry. Topics the speakers are covering include:

  • How a major AV player became successful in the superyacht industry

  • Superyacht new build process from concept through design, construction and delivery

  • Superyacht Technology – working to shape the future

  • Superyacht Audio – designed to disappear

  • Why AV is more than just screens and audio

  • From system-specific technology architecture towards holistic systems thinking

For more information on the speakers follow this link.  

For the schedule, please click here.

Attending the Superyacht Technology Network Summit at ISE 2022 also grants you access to the full ISE exhibition.

To request a ticket please contact Jack Robinson at jack@superyachttechnologynetwork.com


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