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Registration now Open for the Experiential Yachting Forum 2023

Yachting is not just about vacation, exploration or relaxation. The purpose of yachting is much deeper.

Whether you are concerned about longevity and preventative health care or simply want to expand your vision and business strategies, yachting can provide tremendous opportunities to keep your mental and physical health in balance, make a profit, and make a difference in the world and in people's lives.

Following the success of the first Experiential Yachting Forum in Monaco, the second edition of Experiential Yachting Forum 2023 will be held in Dubai in partnership with the Dubai International Boat Show, the leading yacht show in the UAE, the GCC and the Middle East.

What will be discussed at the forum?

Multifunctional Superyachts

Is the future of yachts going far beyond vacation, relaxation or exploration?
Experience economy and yachting
Introducing the concept of branded multifunctional superyachts

Holistic Yachting

Is medical tourism at sea on a yacht a future trend?
Commercial use of superyachts as medical centres/holistic centres/wellness centres
Preventive health care, longevity, integrated healing and yachting
Unique features and technologies on board for holistic cruising
Immersive experience Cetosonotherapy with Pierre Robert de Latour
Meditation at sea on a jet ski
Disclosure of the results of a neuroscientific experiment
The future of holistic yachting

Expertise from a maritime lawyer

Legal aspects of the commercial use of superyachts as a floating ‘ambassador’ branch at sea. “This forum was created with a mission to elevate human potential through yachting and to change the perception of yachting by identifying a new niche for multifunctional superyachts,” says Maria Alekseenko Magan, the founder of Experiential Yachting. 

Some leading figures call Magan one of the most forward-thinking people in the yachting industry of our time. With more than 13 years of experience in retail yacht charters and yacht project management, she is known for providing HNWIs with extraordinary experiences aboard yachts.

Three years ago, when a close person to her was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, Magan started to explore how a yacht can be used as a place to conduct various therapies. From there, the vision about the importance of changing the function, and therefore the perception, of a yacht came to be.

Today Experiential Yachting is the only company that specialises in holistic yachting, connecting the longevity and preventive health care sectors with the yachting industry. Experiential Yachting also offers investment opportunities in alternative uses of superyachts for other commercial purposes besides conventional vacation chartering.

The Experiential Yachting Forum is the only forum in the yachting sector that represents a new era of the experience economy, opening up a new niche for multifunctional superyachts and, in the words of one leading yachting media, "challenges the superyacht norm."

The forum benefits not only the leading players in the yachting industry and yacht owners but also retail investors, world-renowned luxury brands, hotel chains, holistic retreats and medical centres, as well as government authorities and asset management companies.

Join other visionaries who value innovation and dare to think differently and discover a new philosophy of yachting that will make difference.

The event will take place at the Dubai International Boat Show between March 2-3 2023.

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