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3rd Mediterranean Yacht Show

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The eastern Mediterranean is an exceptional yachting destination, a unique fusion of striking landscapes and all-encompassing history. Sailing in Greek waters is akin to a time-lapse journey with past and present alternating in riveting coves touched only by nature and enchanting harbors crafted by man. And what better way to elevate this experience to the sublime than aboard one of the exquisite yachts showcased at the Mediterranean Yacht Show.

Organized by the Greek Yachting Association, the Mediterranean Yacht Show has established itself as a must-attend event on the global yachting calendar, offering foreign brokers the opportunity to inspect and appraise an outstanding fleet of commercial EU-flagged luxury yachts and the high caliber of services they provide.

Mr Michael Skoulikidis President GYA 1

Nafplio, once again the venue for the Mediterranean Yacht Show, is the perfect backdrop: an important medieval seaport under successive European royal houses and the first capital of modern Greece, it sits in the Gulf of Nafplia, one of the many picturesque and protected anchorages to be found along the lengthy coastline that is characteristic of Greece.

The Mediterranean Yacht Show is the perfect platform for highlighting the Greek yachting industry’s momentum as it continues to grow in size and strength each year. The number of yacht registrations for this year is already high, indicating another bumper year of participations.

The fact that this is being achieved during a difficult economic situation, complicated by a refugee crisis sparked by geopolitical turmoil further afield, makes the Mediterranean Yacht Show a perfect example of what can be achieved when a group of dedicated professionals, from a variety of industries,  work together in harmony.

The Greek Yachting Association is proud to be able to state that it’s “business as usual” despite unusual circumstances such as the capital controls that were enforced in June 2015. These may have caused some initial alarm, but foresight and effective action ensured that charters were not affected. Indeed, not a single charter was cancelled and all guests’ itineraries were completed without problem.

Furthermore, the industry doesn’t anticipate any negative fallout this year from the refugee crisis which, though heart-rending, is contained within a small area and less than half a dozen islands out of more than 5,000 that decorate the Greek sea.

The Mediterranean Yacht Show offers a glimpse of a brilliant future and of what Greece really has to offer: sailing itineraries with an unparalleled combination of destinations, ranging from total seclusion to top-notch clubbing within a few nautical miles. Greece is warm and welcoming, a yachting paradise where you can sea the world.

MEDYS 2014 31111


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