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Explore the Fjords in 2016 - An Itinerary


With thousands of miles of stunning coastline to discover, we have done the hard work for you and put together a 9 day itinerary to give you a taste of this beautiful, untouched land.

The Norwegian Fjords are becoming a popular destination for superyachts, with more and more vessels visiting each year to experience the majestic, peaceful beauty that is so rare to find elsewhere. Cruising in Norway is a unique experience and one that will stay with you.

Here is what we suggest to maximise your time and discover the best of the area, although tailor-made trips can be made and organised by Superyacht Norway

DAY 1: Bergen - Bekkjarvik

Board the yacht in Bergen and cruise to Bekkjarvik (28nm), a very quaint, traditional fishing village where you can dine in the world reknowned Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri which boasts Orjan Johannesen, winner of the Bocuse d'Or 2015 as resident chef.

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DAY 2: Bekkjarvik - Lofthus 

Enjoy visiting the sights in and around Bekkjarvik. Cruise into the spectacular Hardangerfjord and on to the small Hamlet of Lofthus (72nm) famous for its apple and pear orchards which cling to the hillside.


DAY 3: Lofthus - Rosendal

Visit the famous Voringsfossen waterfall and take a helicopter ride to one of the most incredible vantage points you will ever visit, the Trolls Tongue! Cruise up the north side of the fjord, heading to the beautiful village of Rosendal (48nm)

Rosendal scenic low res2

DAY 4: Rosendal - Gulen 

Explore Rosendal and do not miss out on a vist to the Barony, a beautiful estate built in 1665 and still in it's original condition, it was awarded the status of Barony by the King of Norway in 1678. Fish salmon in your own private river and why not try some summer skiing on the Folgefonna glacier? Cruise north to the Gulen region (86nm).

DAY 5: Gulen - Gudvangen

Gulen offers eagle safaris, fishing and kayaking. Lunch of freshly caught salmon whilst sailing up Sognefjord, the second longest in the world. Enter the stunning Naeroyfjord, one of the local UNESCO World Heritage sites and arrive at the peaceful, tucked-away village of Gudvangen. Have dinner and a private concert in the magical, white caves.

gudvangen filter2

DAY 6: Gudvangen - Flam

Cruise down the Naeroyfjord and keep an eye out for the playful porpoises and seals who play in the water and bask on the surface and shore. Enter the picturesque village of Flam and take a ride on the Flam railway, known to be one of the steepest and most beautiful train rides in the world. Visit Otternes farm for an immemorable dinner and evening.

Flam 0812 4

DAY 7: Flam - Skjolden

Sail from Flam into the Lustrafjord and head for Skjolden (51nm). Take a guided walk on the Nigardsbreen glacier and end the day with a unique dining experience at the Skari Gard farm.

DAY 8: Skjolden - The Sognefjord

Cruise from Skjolden and out the Lustrafjord and stop to visit the famous Urnes Stave church, one of Norway's oldest, built in 1130. Head for the idyllic village of Balestrand where you can visit the village and have dinner at the Ciderhouse.


DAY 9: Balestrand - Bergen

Up anchor and cruise out early towards Bergen with the sun rising behind you as you sail down the fjord.

If you haven't already explored Bergen then save some time to visit this historic and beautiful city.

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