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Asia Pacific: Focus on New Zealand’s Marinas

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With the rise in world-class marinas in nearly every region, New Zealand has also been developing their docks and creating larger berths for larger vessels. Auckland in particular is now home to some excellent marinas and anchorages, with the advantage of world-class refit and maintenance facilities nearby.

We spoke to two men on the ground, Charlie Dwyer and Duthie Lidgard of Asia Pacific Superyachts, to learn more.

“Unlike Europe, marinas in Asia are more about safe berthing for your vessel as opposed to destinations in their own right”, according to Captain Charlie Dwyer, one of the founders of Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS).  

“Very few marinas are located in popular tourist areas in Asia Pacific regions - so the idea of sitting on your yacht and watching the world watch you, is not an option." says Charlie.

"As a result, most superyacht visitors and charters in South East Asia never see a marina, and instead spend their entire journey cruising from beautiful anchorage to beautiful anchorage. It's a lot more about exploring the natural splendor of South East Asia than cruising from town to town.”

That said, there are now many more excellent marinas, reflecting the rising affluence of Asia and, in the Pacific, New Zealand.

“There are now world-class marinas and accommodation in nearly every sailing region. There’s Phuket, providing hundreds of berths for everything from superyachts to small cruisers, to south Malaysia’s Langkawi Island, a popular winter destination as well as the facilities running down the Malacca Straits to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and east into the Gulf of Thailand. New Zealand is also home to some excellent marinas and anchorages in the Pacific region." says Charlie.

New Zealand has slowly been developing their docks and creating larger berths for larger vessels and Managing Director of APS NZ, Duthie Lidgard, is the man on the ground in Auckland.

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“There are two main marinas for superyachts, Viaduct Harbour Marina (pictured) and Silo Superyacht Marina. These are located in downtown Auckland and have full high speed internet, power and water. Vessels can clear customs and biosecurity in/out from both marinas and there’s easy access to all local contractors, chandleries, supermarkets and Auckland’s leading restaurants and bars.” says Lidgard.

“Viaduct Harbour Marina was built for the 2000 Americas Cup and is surrounded by popular bars and restaurants. The marina has one 60m side-to berth, four 50m berths, four 40m berths and eight 30m berths, all with full power, water and Wi-Fi.” Lidgard adds.

Silo Superyacht Marina lies 500m west of Viaduct Marina in the newly developed Beaumont Quarter. It was built specifically to accomodate larger vessels up to 140m and has already welcomed motoryachts A, Mayan Queen IV, Ocean Victory and Serene.

“Both marinas are near Auckland’s central business district where visitors can enjoy entertainment throughout the summer, including outdoor movie theatres, wine and food festivals, seafood festivals and music concerts, giving crew a real taste of New Zealand”, adds Lidgard.

Construction has seen a new 90m dock added with a 1m freeboard, making it the biggest pontoon in New Zealand. Dredging has been carried out to improve access and in addition to the development on the southern end of the marina, an extension has been added to the docks on the northern end to create two new 65m (213ft) berths. This will increase the available space from 535 linear metres to 874 linear metres, doubling capacity and creating 10 new berths.

Silo Marina Auckland
Silo Superyacht Marina

The third option is Marsden Cove Marina in Whangarei, two and a half hours' drive north of Auckland and home to the APS office led by Karma Butler.  This is a full service marina with 230 berths ranging from 10.5 metres through to 40 metres.

“We can also take up to a 25m catamaran within our designated Catamaran Pier. All berths have Wi-Fi and water as well as power, but you must have a current NZ Electrical Warrant of Fitness. There's also a fuel dock for petrol and diesel and facilities for rubbish, recycling, oil disposal and trolleys, all located in the marina carpark. However, the 100m dock by our office, and the 140m dock by Oceania Marine have no power or water." Lidgard adds.

Convenitnely situated nearby is Port Whangarei Marine Centre, a full service boatyard providing refit, maintenance and storage facilities. 


These marinas also come hand in hand with a wealth of information on supplies, itineraries and anchorages from award winning agent Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.

APS is the only agent operating out of Port Whangarei and Marsden Cove Marina  - please contact Karma Butler. For any enquiries out of Silo Marina and Viaduct Marina please contact Duthie Lidgard or call +64 21 409 802. 

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