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Arksen Explorus Rally Powered by Pelorus to Launch in 2021

Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus is a new yacht rally that sees groups of like-minded yacht owners and charterers cruising the Arctic, Mediterranean and Pacific Ocean in the name of grass roots conservation. Kicking off in 2021 with the Viking and Middle Seas rally, followed by the South Seas expedition in 2022, the Arksen rally differs to any other by focusing on conservation and far flung exploration for groups of friends and families. Identifying a gap in the market, Arksen and Pelorus have come together to create the most adventurous and environmentally aware yacht rally in the world.

“Encouraging and supporting people to embark on journeys that have the capacity to change lives and that engage our community to actively support philanthropy and ocean conservation is at the heart of the ethos behind Arksen,” explains Jasper Smith, Arksen Founder. “We are proud to launch the Arksen Explorers Rally, a series of global events that we think will redefine marine adventure travel - offering deeper, more fulfilling experiences than those currently on offer.”

“At Arksen we thrive on partnerships, so I am delighted to announce Pelorus as a key partner,” he continues. “They have a unique blend of skills in the industry and when blended with our own, create a powerful new voice in the industry. Pelorus will focus on helping develop the Explorers Rally with us, whilst Arksen will continue to develop its range of science programs. We very much look forward to working with them.”

A rally that gives back, this new event is an opportunity to explore, with participants safe in the knowledge that specialists are backing them every step of the way. It’s also a chance to see a familiar area in a new light or to discover new destinations accompanied by a fleet of other yachts offering a built-in support network. 

The competition element of the rally will focus on the Arksen and Pelorus ethos of grass roots conservation and research. Those joining the challenge will commit to taking part in curated scientific, philanthropic and ocean conservation efforts, with each project that is assisted in or contributed to accruing ‘Challenge Points’. The vessel that accrues the most over the course of the rally will win an award. 

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With Pelorus and Arksen designing the route and the itineraries, participants can be assured that this will be an incredible journey full of life-enhancing experiences. The vessels will benefit from an inimitable network of adventure professionals and will be supported every step of the way.  

Both privately owned and charter yachts can take part in the Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus, which will endeavour to assist in marketing charter availability during the rally. Yachts will be divided into categories based on a number of factors, including length and cruising capabilities, and the rally itineraries will be tailored to suit each category.

“We are hugely excited to collaborate with Arksen for the world’s first Explorer Rally,” explains Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus Co-Founder. “The yachting world is changing and there is a shift in mindset by owners and charterers that is seeing them wanting to explore further afield, the industry is becoming more environmentally aware and the trend for designing and building more eco-conscious expedition style vessels is on the rise. The Arksen Explorers Rally reflects all of this and will be something not seen before in the yachting sphere.”

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Starting from £35,000 per yacht, the entry cost for each rally will be based on a sliding scale depending on the size of the vessel. There will be an additional compulsory payment covering carbon offsetting the entire rally for each yacht through Pelorus partners The World Land Trust. The cost for this will be precisely calculated for each individual vessel. In addition, participants will be provided with an activity menu, varying from high-octane to family friendly. They will have the option to choose what to take part in based on their own budget and guest interests. Each rally will run with a minimum of four yachts, with the maximum number dependig on the size of the vessels that have signed up. 

For more information about the Arksen Explorers Rally Powered by Pelorus, click on the logo below or contact Pelorus at +44 20 3848 5424 or yachts@pelorusx.com.

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