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WOKART: The Go-Kart for Water

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Hey there, adrenaline junkies! We have a new toy for you. It’s called the WoKart! As the name implies, it’s a go-kart for the water.

With a unique asymmetric catamaran layout, the WoKart is both stable and agile, leading its class in high speed 90° turns. It boasts the world’s first ever mid-mounted outboard engine and feels much like driving a car on water.

Designed in Switzerland, the WoKart offers a safe but fast watercraft alternative that can be used even in locations where jet crafts are forbidden. All we can say is vroom vroom!

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wokart 9wokart 71 750x499



Length x Width 380 x 169 centimetre
Weight 210 kilogramme (without engine)
Maximum Engine Power (CE Approved) 70 hp
Maximum Speed (CE Approved 70-hp version)

40 knots – 75 km/h

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