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Want to Deep Sea Dive to 1000 Feet?

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Developed and built in North Vancouver by Nuytco Research Ltd, this hard metal dive suit allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1000 feet and yet still have exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work. 

The amazing technology of the EXOSUIT atmospheric diving system (ADS) maintains a cabin pressure of the surface and still allows the suit to bend due to a unique rotary joint invented by Dr. Phil Nuytten.

ADS ‘Exosuit’ Specifications

exosuit underwater full body 250


• 1000 Foot depth rated

• A536 Aluminum Alloy

• Weight 500-600 LBS depending on config

Life support:

• 2 Redundant oxygen systems, total capacity 50 hours

• 50 hour Carbon Dioxide scrubber

- Back up battery with automatic change over on power failure

- Lung powered scrubber back-up 


 Telemetry/Control System:

• Distributed control system (Omron PLC) allows for uninterrupted operation in case of telemetry failure

• Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber optic

- Network attached High definition camera

- Network attached Imagenex 852 SONAR

- Easy integration of IP and POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices

• Remote (topside) control of: thrusters, thruster trim, lights and tooling

- Lightens pilot workload

• AMS (Atmospheric Monitoring System)

- Real time monitoring topside of cabin pressure and Oxygen %

- Lightens pilot workload

- Enhances safety

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• 4 x 1.6 HP thrusters (expandable to 8)

• Direct drive, magnetically coupled thrusters

- Quiet operation

- Responsive (quick windup)


• Full duplex intercom – over copper

- 6 intercom stations (pilot +5)

- Highly reliable

- No subsea power required

- Excellent voice quality (low noise)

- Aux In and Out jacks (topside)

• IP intercom out

- Allows audio to be recorded synchronously with project video

• Acoustic thru water communications

- Backup in case of hardwire communications failure

- Compatible with communications hardware used commonly by manned submersibles


exosuit front 250

• 1250 feet long nominal

• OD 0.980” nominal

• Minimum bend radius 27”

• Breaking strength 7200lbs

• Neutrally buoyant


Power Requirement:

• 208-240 3 phase, 50 A, 50-60 HZ

Emergency Equipment:

• Umbilical jettison capability

• Thruster jettison capability

• Emergency battery

- Powers thru water comms, O2 analyzer and carbon dioxide scrubber


exosuit close up 250
Ancillary Equipment:

• HD camera, H.264 (Blu-Ray Codec) camera


- Imagenex miniature 852 scanning sonar

• Newtsun LED lights

- 2 x 150 W LED lights

- 9,600 lumens (each)

• For comparison - a 250W quartz lamp produces 3,500 lumens

- 4500 deg K (cool white)



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