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The Rise of the Superyacht Submarine

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Personal submarines are the latest must-have accessories for superyacht owners looking for novel ways to enjoy the water. And for thosewho aren’t experienced divers, the underwater world just got a whole lot more accessible.

The latest and greatest superyacht toy, the personal submarine allows you to descend up to 1,000m+ to enjoy far reaching views of the watery deep from inside a clear acrylic dome.

Deep underwater, exploring shipwrecks and coral landscapes without the need to don any dive gear or even get wet is very appealing, and there are a number of excellent options on the market with capacity for beween two to nine people.  

The best known brand is probably Uboat Worx, the largest manned submersible manufacturer in the world, building outstanding submersibles for private yacht owners, cruise liners and research institutes.

“We design and build our submersibles to give our clients the best dive experience possible.” says Erik Hassleman, CEO and founder of Uboat Worx. “Whether they want to visit shallow coral reefs or explore the deepest depths, our range of submersibles includes two to nine person models with diving depths varying from 100 to 1,700 meters. With the possibility for bespoke interiors, clients can explore the depths in the style.”

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The Superyacht Sub 3 is their most popular and versatile sub, designed to meet the highest expectations of discerning superyacht owners with prices starting from €1,500,000.

With similar standing, Triton Submarines is a company with considerable form in this field, recently unveiling its 1650/3 LP, a low-profile submersible that takes up to three people to depths of 500m. Engineered specifically for stowage inside standard superyacht garages, prices for this model begin at $3,300,000.

“The submersible market is experiencing an explosion,” explains Louise Harrison, Director of Sales and Marketing at Triton. “With the advent of expedition yachts and better designed superyachts with accessible tender garages, the increase in demand is huge. With the introduction of new models, including the Triton 1650/3 LP, we aim to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers in every way,” 


If you prefer a sleeker James Bond aesthetic, Deepflight’s contoured 3 seater Super Falcon connects you to the blue space beneath you like never before. With prices starting from $2,000,000, it is lightweight with a small footprint.

“The Super Falcon has a patented inverted winged design, the equivalent of an airplane.” explains Adam Wright, CEO of Deepflight. “Barrel roll with dolphins, spy hop with whales or cruise through underwater canyons, all in style, safety and comfort.” DeepFlight are now expanding their business into submarine tourism, with Deepflight Adventures opening their first location in Hawaii in 2017.

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Another leading brand is SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation founded in 1995, a California company that started the personal submarine market and pioneered numerous novelties over the years to expand this sector. The company produces to to six person models of its submarines with depths ranging from 150 - 1,500m. Their newest six-person model offers an unusually large space for passengers as well as providing unrivalled views of the underworld.

“We see exciting new yacht designs coming up in the yacht sector ideally suited for having personal submarines and this, combined with the latest manned submarine technologies on the market today, offers great options for yacht owners never seen before.” Says Charles Kohnen, President of SEAmagine

SeaMagine Aurora

It's imperative to choose the right submersible for its intended use, whether it's a compact model for superyacht tender garages, a multi-seater for families and groups, or a deep diving model capable of depths of 1,000 - 2000m to search for exotic wildlife, wrecks or treasure. No matter the model, submersibles enhance the superyacht ownership experience and allow owners to expand their undersea horizons. 

Superyacht Tenders and Toys is able to offer impartial advice, project management and support on the selection, purchase, operation, rental and installation of these submarines for any vessel, experienced in design to utilise available space. SYTT are partners with all the major superyacht submarine manufacturers and are currently working on the launch of a seven seat submersible capable of diving to 1,150m. Ground breaking features include revolving seats, a fridge, toilet, bed, lazer guided appear gun and manipulator arms.

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