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Slip Slidin' Away: Yacht Slides

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Toys have become an integral part of the superyacht experience, and they get better every year.

The sight of any waterslide takes us back to the simple pleasures of being a kid. The sight of a waterslide off the upper deck of a superyacht combines that simple feeling of exhilarating freedom with ultimate luxury. 

It’s no wonder that the waterslide has finally made its mark on the yachting and boating world.

Like most things waterslides come in different shapes and sizes. Although hard sided slides are the most common, recent development in the inflatable industry has introduced a new breed of waterslide that is fast catching on. These soft sided slides have taken the freestyle concept of sliding to a whole new level. Why slide on a hard surface when you can slide on air?

aerial straight slideWith the growing demand for inflatables, inflatable waterslides have become a cost effective and more practical alternative to their hard sided counterparts. These air ride water attractions offer many benefits such as avoiding costly construction and high maintenance costs as well as providing a safer and more comfortable ride. 

Generally speaking yacht and boat manufactures do not fit their vessels with waterslides. That is precisely where FreeStyle Slides comes in. The FreeStyle Cruiser™ from FreeStyle Slides is the world’s first custom made, sealed-air inflatable waterslide for the yachting and boating industry. There are two key elements that are required for a water slide: a platform and water.

Water slide and Swimming pool 017 250Over 90% of all vessels fit the necessary criteria for an aftermarket waterslide. As long as your yacht or boat has a platform with an elevation of 10 feet or higher, FreeStyle Slides will custom build a slide to your exact specifications. The FreeStyle Cruiser waterslide is offered in six unique models: the LS, NLS, CS, S, SSS, IS and XS. Whether you prefer a straight slide, a curved slide or an S shaped slide, FreeStyle Slides can create virtually any type of configuration for you and your guests, turning your vessel into your very own water theme park out in the open seas.

“What about the ‘WOW’ factor?” you may ask. How big are these inflatable slides? Well, how does up to six storeys tall sound? These slides are big, fast and safe, with some slides reaching speeds in excess of 50 km/h.

slide no boatThe Freestyle Cruiser is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to provide a product that will perform as designed, each and every time that it is deployed. Constructed with 28 oz. Firmatex, the highest grade vinyl in the industry, the FreeStyle Cruiser is 100% hot air welded using state of the art technology. Our design exceeds standards worldwide and comes with a three year warranty.

Standard features include, inflatable non-slip AirStairs, providing a safe and comfortable ascent along with ergonomic handles for comfort. Strategically placed attachments also allow for minimal hull contact at installation. Slides up to six meters high are built with a light weight design and, slides seven meters and higher have a separate slide body and leg base sub-structure for easy assembly and maneuverability. For faster thrills, each slide is fitted with a special ultra-slippery cover sheet, and has a built-in water sprayer to reduce friction and heat.

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If you are concerned about storage and portability then there is no better alternative than an inflatable. The average slide can be set up and ready for action in about 30 minutes. Taking it down requires even less time and because all of the air can be suctioned out, it makes for easy take down and convenient stowage capabilities.

An array of custom color and logo options are also available when ordering your FreeStyle Cruiser. FreeStyle Slides has a professional staff that will work closely together with you to help bring your project to life.

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As a yacht or boat owner we recognize the quality of life and the level of entertainment that you have come to expect. At FreeStyle Slides we pride ourselves on being the only truly bespoke supplier of inflatable products in the world. Please contact us for further information or a free consultation.


FreeStyle Slides® is a unique and innovative company. Our vision for cutting edge family entertainment has led us to the development of an exciting new concept known as The Hippo®, the world’s largest inflatable water slide, designed on the same scale as attractions in theme parks and water parks.

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