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SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation- the original pioneer since 1995 of the design and manufacturing of small submersibles- has established nine of its submersibles on various ships and yachts and its submarines have now accumulated over 12,000 dives around the world. The company’s submersibles are being use in scientific and commercial applications as well as in the yachting sector with four of its vessels installed on private yachts ranging from 85m luxury motor-yachts to a 27m catamaran that holds a helicopter and the submarine.

The company’s 2 person and 3 person submarines can be depth rated from 150m to 1000m deep and have a proven track record for reliability, practicability, and maintaining a perfect safety track record. SEAmagine’s track record is unparalleled in the industry by thousands upon thousands of submarine dives. All of SEAmagine’s submersibles are classed A1+ by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as well as approved by the Cayman Island Shipping Registry (CISR), a common registration flag state for the large luxury yachts.

SEAmagine offers a well-proven and comprehensive pilot training program it initially developed in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard. Over the past 15 years the company also developed a reliable technical support program to help ensure all regulatory requirements are kept to date and that the vessels remain in their top condition.

The company has just completed in March 2013 the setup and crew training for one of its latest subs on a ship based in Perth Australia that will be filming a new National Geographic TV series.  SEAmagine has also produced a 360 degree HD video underwater camera for its submersibles that allows the dives to be recorded in all directions at once. The viewing of the 360 degree video is interactive allowing the viewer to scroll in all directions while watching the video.

Establishing a successful submarine operation from a yacht requires more than just selecting the correct submersible. It requires proper training programs along with reliable support regarding regulatory and technical issues and a commitment to excellence from the manufacturer.


The company has two main submarine models called the Ocean Pearl and the Triumph model. The Ocean Pearl is a small 2 person model while the Triumph model is a larger 3 person configuration. General specifications on these models are as follows:

OCEAN PEARL 2 PERSON MODEL                                                                                                                         


seamagine 2 person sub 300Occupants: 2 People
Length: 4.53 m
Width: 2.44 m
Height: 2.25 m
Weight: 3,200 Kg
Cabin Payload: 227 kg
Max Depth Rating: 150m to 1000m
Maximum Speed:3 Kts
Propulsion Autonomy: 6 – 8 hours
Life Support Reserves: > 96 hours
Hatch Diam:1.32 m


Semagine Ocean Pearl 3 person sub 300Occupants: 3 People
Length: 5.33 m
Width: 3.11 m
Height: 3.05 m
Weight: 6,282 Kg
Cabin Payload: 340 Kg
Max Depth Rating: 150m to 1000m
Maximum Speed: 3 Knots
Propulsion Autonomy: 6 – 8 hours
Life Support Reserves: > 96 hours
Hatch Diam:1.55m


A wide range of optional equipment can be incorporated on all of SEAmagine’s submarines such as forward-looking sonar, underwater GPS navigation, topside tracking system, High Definition underwater cameras, High Definition video recording system, powerful underwater lighting, robotic manipulator arms controlled from inside the cabin, and even a fly-out mini-ROV (remotely operated vehicle).


The fly-out ROV option consists of a mini-robot submarine on a 20m tether that can be deployed and be fully controlled from inside the submersible cabin. The ROV is equipped with its own HD camera, navigation camera, a powerful cutter arm, and small grabber arm. When docked, the ROV sits in its own holding bay mounted behind the cabin and a robust a tether management system handles the spooling in and out of the fiber-optic umbilical that connects it to the submersible.


All SEAmagine submarines are based on the company’s patented technology that provides excellent surface flotation stability as well as superior underwater performance. The high level of flotation of SEAmagine submarines when they are on surface makes tem very practical to operate. The submarine is simply launched from the yacht as any other tender and tied off at the swim deck. The high level of surface stability makes SEAmagine’s submarine far easier to handle than any competing concepts. The submarines are easy to launch, easy to handle, easy to get in and out, always stable and always safe.


Most typical submersibles have a small hatch for passengers to enter the cabin, which can be difficult depending on sea conditions. SEAmagine submersibles cabin open fully in half allowing for a very large entry hatch and provide far easier and safer method for passengers to step in and out of off.


SEAmagine’s submersible acrylic cabin provide an exceptional filed of view in all directions including overhead, forward, behind, and directly below while at the same time always providing excellent protection for anything hitting the cabin.


SEAmagine submersible pricing ranges between US$1 million and US$3 million depending on maximum depth rating and also depending on the selection of optional equipment that can be incorporated upon request.

Ocean Pearl 2-Person Model Starting Price:        US$ 990,000

Triumph 3-Person Model Starting Price:              US$1,750,000

SEAmagine offers semi-customization of its submarines regarding sizes and weights to help the integration of the crafts onto a client’s specific yacht or surface support ship.


For more information please contact us directly in California

Charles Kohnen SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation 1420 N. Claremont Blvd.,
204D Claremont, California 91711, USA
Tel. +1.909.626.6262 Cell. +1.909.702.9461

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