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Josh Richardson's Dream Superyacht Garage

From jet skis and scuba equipment to kite surfs, wakeboards, submarines and more, a superyacht toy garage is the heart of the action on board any vessel. And with more than 10 years’ experience running Superyacht Tenders and Toys, it’s safe to say that Josh Richardson has outfitted some of the best-equipped superyachts in the industry.

“The key is to keep it simple,” he explains. “Wind power always rules, and anything with foiling gets my vote. After all, the main reason to charter a yacht is for the toys, and they provide the most memorable experiences for clients on board all over the world.”

So which toys would grace his ultimate dream garage? We spoke to the man himself to discover his personal wish list of water toys on the market right now.

Tender Garage                                                                                                                                 

Up there at the top, Josh says a tender garage is a must when it comes to chartering or owning a superyacht. “Being able to board a tender inside your yacht makes the service that much more accessible, as it allows for completely private boarding, plus the boat doesn’t rock around,” he explains. “Stern rather than side-access is the best, as seen on Pegasus VIII and Octopus, as this allows you to drive the tender in whilst the vessel is still underway.”

Bikes: KTM, road and MTB

“I recommend high power cycles that can go up to 60mph for the ultimate adrenaline thrill. You can basically set up your very own interactive spinning studio on your yacht.”

Lift eFoils

“Not only can you ride this powered board on nearly any surface of water, you can rise up to literally fly above the water for an incredible experience, with ride times up to an hour at speeds of more than 25mph.” 

eFoil - SYTT - 1100x555

Inflatable platform for watersports

Without question this is the best value retail estate on a yacht and transforms use on board. I would choose this over a lot of other toys as it makes a huge difference to life on a yacht.”

RS Aeros

“Ideal for match racing, the RS Aero is the product of three years of development, testing four different hull variations and numerous rigs, foils and layouts, resulting in a boat that is confidently the most technically advanced. Astonishingly, the RS Aero hull weighs less than an Optimist at just 30kg.” 

SYTT - Lift eFoil - 1100x555

Clear canoe

“Why would you not want to see the fish when you’re out on a canoe? This is a great low value option for yachts.”

Custom Seadoo GTX 

“The custom versions by SYTT with iPad mounts and speakers that can be matched to hull colours are exquisite. Never be seen on a garish jet ski ever again!”

Custom Seadoo SYTT 1100x555

Scuba Pro diving gear

“Diving gear on a yacht is a must and this is the most trusted and leading brand in the yachting industry.”

Wakeboards, wakesurfs and a wakesurf tender 

Every yacht needs a wakesurf boat and this is the absolute must in terms of fun on the water.”

SYTT - Nautique G25 Paragon -  1100x555

Long expedition inflatable RED stand-up paddleboard

“Not only are they more solid than your regular SUP, but they are child-friendly too and just as good as more rigid options to paddle on.”

Sports gear

"A great way to keep active, I would opt for tennis, football and golf equipment as well as a games deck on board."

Anna Games Deck - SYTT - 1100x555

FunAir playground

“Perfect for keeping children entertained, these floating playgrounds are designed specifically for superyachts and can be set up on the beach or off the back of your yacht. They keep my four- and seven-year-olds entertained for hours!”

FunAir toy island

“These islands are a must for trailing all your kit off the back of the yacht so that it doesn’t get damaged coming alongside.” 

SYTT - FunAir Toy Island  - 1100x555

Kit drying room

“This makes a huge difference as it is super practical and also means you can get out on the water sooner.”


“This is one of the few pieces of kit that packs up small and gives a big thrill. I personally kitesurf each week and it keeps me feeling alive.”

Polaris Ranger/motorbike 

“People often forget to think of activities ashore. This is a big one for me as having bikes and cars or Rangers makes a world of difference as they help guests to get off the yacht and explore.”

Bikes - SYTT - 1100x555


“Always make sure you have a few short boards and a Mini Maus to get out on, whatever break you find yourself on.”

iLC inflatable landing craft tender 

“This has a 40hp outboard for beach landings and watersports support and is much easier to use and more nimble than a Zodiac, with greater carrying capacity to boot.”

SYTT - iLC inflatable landing craft - 1100x555

Nautique Paragon G23 tender

“I believe this to be the greatest wake boat ever that pumps the biggest surf waves ever, no question! It’s an extremely versatile watersports boat with a huge guest-carrying capacity of up to 18 people.”

Salthouse Boatbuilders’ towed chase boat 

“A fast catamaran cruiser that is great for long distances, it boasts inside limo space as well as a great dive and kitesurfing platform.”

SYTT - Salthouse - 1100x555

Hodgdon 10m rigid tender with landing craft bow

“A great versatile dry guest tender that is finished to a very high standard.”


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