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The Power of Partnerships in a Pandemic

To say that 2020 was a year like no other is both a massive understatement and now, approaching 12 months in various stages of lockdown, a tired statement. International industry all but ground to a halt as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold over the globe last year, and continued travel restrictions still present its fair share of challenges as businesses continue to operate.

Tackling the challenges of the past year, Net-Logic Marine explains, would have been impossible alone. As we step into 2021, perhaps one of the most important things that the last year has shown is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the power of good partnerships has never been more critical.

Specialising in luxury marine communications, Net-Logic Marine is the company behind innovative superyacht solutions such as VesselWatch and InteraX. Working with an international network of partners, Net-Logic Marine is one of the many companies in the yachting business that has had to adapt to meet their clients and partners’ changing needs in 2020.

The team has given priority to nurturing partnerships. Working closely with their local and international partners throughout the past year, the Net-Logic team has ensured that business has continued as usually as possible: smoothly, efficiently and safely.

Tackling 2020: Net-Logic Marine

Chris Davies, Net-Logic Technical Solutions Manager, comments on how the team has strengthened partnerships for new and existing partners. “At Net-Logic, we’ve grown many of our worldwide partnerships throughout the past year. We’re proud to say that by using a network of likeminded partner companies with the same high standards of customer service excellence, we have continually supported our customers throughout the world. We’ve worked with a number of partners this past year, from the UK to the Netherlands, Italy, and North America. Whilst the restrictions on travel during 2020 may have made the world further away, it has brought us closer together in many ways. A strong partnership network has become more important than ever to help deliver exceptional solutions.”

Robbert Jan Ras Net Logic 600x400Robbert-Jan Ras (pictured left), Director of the Dutch electrical installation company Tijssen Elektro Zeeland, has worked with Net-Logic for five years and agrees that the value of reliable partnerships has never been so critical. “The most important thing is to have people that you know you can rely on that you can call up, have meetings with and know who they are. Having reliable partners is so important,” Ras says.

“We’ve worked with Net-Logic for around five years now, working on installation projects on new build superyachts and refit projects. Net-Logic is definitely a company that is very reliable and fast-reacting. We’re very happy to work with them at Tijssen Elektro. When you ask a question, they always give an answer, and they always think about the solution. It’s a very good relationship.”

Like their other worldwide partners Net-Logic has continued to support UK-based partner Brentwood Communications, so their customers can still receive the quality service.

Josh Nichols, Strategic Manager at Brentwood Communications, states his experience this year. “The support that we receive from Net-Logic is second to none. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve been instrumental in offering us assistance. Most specifically, they’ve been instrumental in supporting us with new R&D projects and designing and scaling-up new innovative ideas for our clients by enhancing the capabilities of the communication equipment we supply.”

Looking to a new normal

Speaking of unexpected benefits to the restrictions, Nichols (pictured below) continues: “It’s been a tough year, but we have certainly seen some positives come out of the pandemic. One of the big wins is that our company employees and partners have come closer together - an unexpected result of the travel restrictions and working from home. Like many companies, Brentwood Communications has never previously experienced having a significant amount of our staff working remotely. The ‘new normal’ has now been proven to be effective for us as an organisation.”

Josh Nichols Net Logic 600x400Indeed, the ‘new normal’ has had some advantages. It’s allowed many to rethink strategies and philosophies, and embrace a whole new way of working, communicating and living. As we’ve all undoubtedly experienced, remote working technologies have exploded like nothing else this year - a technology that has always been integral to Net-Logic’s support system.

“We have always used things like TeamViewer and Remote connections to run our support,” Davies explains. “However, like everyone, we have definitely seen an uptake in technologies like Microsoft Teams to help guide our clients through these challenging times.”

Demonstrating Net-Logic’s dedication to remote support during the pandemic, Nichols recalls how Davies personally supported Brentwood Communication following a VesselWatch system’s recent deployment. “I am tasked with looking after our marine customers, and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to speak on the phone with the team at Net-Logic whenever required.

"A particular standout during the pandemic for me would be with one of our vessels where we recently deployed a VesselWatch system. Our radio hardware is essentially being deployed on the vessels Distributed Antenna System (AKA DAS), and it is reliant on IP connectivity to make it all work. I can remember speaking with Net Logic Technical Solutions Manager, Chris Davies until past 6 pm one Friday evening about every question I had and all of the projects I had in my pipeline. It was an exceptional example of fantastic customer support, and I think you would find very few companies (and employees) with this sort of level of commitment to their clients!”

Chris Davies Net Logic 600x400The power of partnerships

With remote communication systems already a well-oiled part of the Net-Logic support system, Davies (pictured left) comments on the biggest challenge that the company faced in 2020. “The biggest challenge that has risen from the pandemic has been supporting our marine clients in terms of trying to get goods out to them. In lockdown and with different travel restrictions in place, it has been a challenge to navigate.

"While these kinds of restrictions will be removed in time, I think that we will probably see a permanent reduction in travel going forward. It will be more and more important to support and commission systems remotely rather than boots on the ground.” 

With remote working and technical support possibilities set to go from strength to strength going forward into 2021, partnerships will undoubtedly continue to play an increasingly important role. Whatever happens over the next few months, we can expect fewer industry events, fewer boat shows, more digital communication and less face-to-face opportunities going into the future.

With improved remote communication platforms and stronger and stronger partnerships, however, this does not have to be a negative. Whatever happens, it looks like Net-Logic is certainly prepared to continue to deliver seven-star support to their clients and partners worldwide.



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