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Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey: The best all-in-one solution for marine navigation

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Have you heard of Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey yet?

This all-in-one navigation software has been designed for use on a PC by a team of experienced engineers.

Odyssey includes all features needed for navigating your yacht: plan your route in advance, find the best time of departure, carry out live navigation and automatically save all navigated tracks in your system for future reference.

Navigation has never been so user-friendly while simultaneously offering a range of advanced features!

An unparalleled user experience

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is based on the innovative TimeZero technology. This is a powerful chart engine that allows the user to pan and zoom across the navigation chart with speed and fluidity.

Why is this important?

advertorial image channel 300It greatly improves your user experience and lets you access the information you want virtually instantly. 

No need to wait for the chart to load on your screen, now you can enjoy a seamless, high-speed zoom.


Full 3D environment

The TimeZero technology also makes it possible to view your chart in a full and unlimited 3D environment. You can easily choose the tilt angle that you wish to display. This helps you to configure a highly realistic display of your surroundings. It is particularly useful for coastal areas, in order to visualize shallow waters areas and possible obstacles. In just one click, switch back to a regular 2D display whenever you wish.

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Free NOAA charts for US waters

When you purchase Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey, you will also receive free NOAA raster and vector charts covering all US Waters. All of these charts are updated annually. The best part is that your will never need to pay for any NOAA charts or chart updates – they are totally free of charge!

To make your navigation even easier and cost-effective, we also provide free high-resolution satellite photos for all US coastlines. Our patented PhotoFusion technology then lets you intelligently fuse these photos with your regular navigation charts for an incredibly realistic display of coastal areas. This aids onboard security as you can clearly see shallow waters, rocks and other obstacles.

The widest choice of navigation charts

If you require charts other than the NOAA US charts, simply select the navigational charts that best suit your needs from our extensive Chart Catalog. Choose between raster and vector, Wide and Mega Wide chart zones and chart data providers. Nobeltec TimeZero is compatible with charts from a range of providers: C-MAP by Jeppesen, Datacore from Navionics as well as raster charts from local hydrographic offices. High-resolution satellite photos are also available for many areas.

Have a look at all our available charts in our catalog here.


Free and unlimited weather forecast

One of the most popular features of Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey is the free weather forecast. Use an Internet connection to download GRIB weather files. Then simply overlay them on your chart and you can even use the time-lapse animation feature to play the weather progress.

Why it’s so useful:

  • Free, unlimited access to weather forecast

  • Choose any sized area you want

  • Download weather for any part of the world

  • Download up to 16 days of forecast

  • Option of setting up a regular update of a pre-defined area

Learn more about our free weather download here.




Easy to use, practical safety features

A range of safety options can be configured in Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey, so you can enjoy a sense of security onboard.

You can set up alarms based on several different criteria.

  • Depth alarm: you can set up a minimum or maximum acceptable depth

  • Speed: set up a maximum speed for your vessel

  • Boundary area: an alarm will sound if you enter any boundary areas you have created in the software

  • CPA/TCPA: avoid collisions by activating this useful alarm setting

Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey also allows you to display AIS targets. To do so, simply connect an AIS receiver to your PC and the targets will be displayed in real time on your chart.

This makes it easy to visualize any target that is too close, or areas of high traffic that you may wish to avoid.

What is Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey really like to use?

You can see exactly how the software looks by viewing our demo video right here. See for yourself how its speed, user-friendly design and advanced features combine to make navigating on your yacht better than ever. 


Where can I find more information?

For full information about our software or to find out about our current special offers, simply contact us by email at or call us on +1 503-579-1414.  

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