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Apps To Get Your Money in Order

Posted: 1st Dec 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

How do you manage your money, working between countries, between tax codes, between currencies, between banks? Imagine if there was an app... Read More

Sick of Missing the Game?

Posted: 13th Nov 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Just because you’re stuck scrubbing down the hull or manning a late-night watch does not grant you an automatic excuse to be negligent in your sporting life. There is no excuse. Your team doesn’t halt its matches the minute you be... Read More

Diving Dude: The S.C.U.B.A. Logbook

Posted: 8th Oct 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Perhaps the most innovative thing about the use of apps in the modern world is their ability to track personal data. The S.C.U.B.A. logbook “Diving Dude” is a prime example. Read More

The iPhone App "Ship's Bell"

Posted: 23rd Sep 2013

Written by: 2K Yachting

Ship's Bell is primarily an acoustic clock that sounds half-hourly or hourly time signals. Without taking the phone out of your pocket you can easily keep track of time. Read More

Captain’s Tool Box: A one-stop shop yachting app

Posted: 30th Aug 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

In the cramped quarters shared by yacht crew, it’s especially important to use space wisely. Everything must have its proper place and everything must go back in its place when not in use. In many ways it’s a necessity; but even m... Read More

AroundMe: What's Out There?

Posted: 26th Jul 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

One of the perks of the job is the variety of places you get to visit but, finding your way around is not always easy, especially when you have limited time. New places offer loads of exciting possibilities, but they also present ... Read More

Get Wired: The DC Wire Sizer simplifies electrical engineering

Posted: 30th Jun 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

The primary cause of boat fires is DC shortages and faulty wiring. Even the odd megayacht can suffer these costly and dangerous malfunctions with highly qualified engineers manning the mechanical and electrical systems. Now there’... Read More

2K Yachting Releases 'Logbook 2.5'

Posted: 20th May 2013

Written by: 2K Yachting

“Logbook” is the first digital logbook for Mac users. It is also very interesting for Windows users, because the user interface differs from other digital logbooks and it is orientated by the traditional, printed logbook. The soft... Read More

Yachtie – Keeping Track So You Don’t Have To

Posted: 3rd May 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

If you’re constantly on the go, moving between regions of the world, it’s nice to be able to track it in some way. This can be especially important for those of us that spend our lives adrift. Whatever the motivation – logistical,... Read More

MLC Compliance? Check.

Posted: 4th Apr 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

The biggest problem with the Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 (MLC) – as is the biggest problem with bureaucratic regulation in general – is that it’s so long and boring. If only there were a way for you to skip through all the ... Read More

Charter Listings by Expedia?...Not quite, but close

Posted: 11th Mar 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Its breadth is modest enough at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Charter Digest couldn’t flip the charter industry on its head. Just look at what’s happened to travel agents: they’re nearly extinct thanks to sites like Expedia an... Read More

Lost in Fog: Skipper picks up ship on smartphone app

Posted: 9th Mar 2013

Written by: Dick Durham, Yachting Monthly

A yacht delivery skipper caught in fog with a failed AIS system, used a £5.99 smartphone app to avoid collision with a container ship. Read More

WindGURU: Because weather is not absolute!

Posted: 15th Feb 2013

Written by: Daniel Shea

Under the wrong circumstances, WindGURU can be irritatingly accurate. The reason I say “irritatingly” accurate is because, as is the case with things like weather, being right isn’t always good for the user. I specifically recall ... Read More


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