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Maritime World Ports

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The International Maritime Organization estimates that 90 % of the world's trade is moved around the planet by sea. Get information for world ports easy and fast.
This application contains more than 4000 ports in 191 countries.
Fast searching capabilities by either country or port search selection aided by quick sorting tooltips.

·Position (latitude/longitude)-retrieved on Maps (internet connection is required).
·Access to Port’s website (if available) for more information, (internet connection is required).
·Publication number of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Sailing Directions describing the port or area in which the port is located.
·Chart: The number of the best-scale chart issued by the National Geospatial-Intelligence.
·Harbor characteristics by size & type.
·Entrance Restrictions by indicating existence of tide, swell, ice etc
·Water Depth generalized into 5-foot units, with the equivalents in meters, for the main channel, the main anchorage, and the principal cargo pier and/or oil terminal.
·Pilotage availability either compulsory or advisable.
·Tugs available for docking or anchorage assistance.
·Quarantine: If a quarantine clearance is required by the First Port of Entry For vessels arriving from overseas.
·Communications: types of communications available in the port and/or nearby area.
·Loading & Unloading area where normal port operations are conducted.
·Lifts & Cranes whether there are cranes available and what type, and its lifting power in tons.
·Port Services available.
·Supplies indicating availability of provisions, water, and fuel oil.
·Repairs that can be carried out to ocean going vessels.
·Dry-dock indicating size and type of the largest underwater repair facilities in the port.
·Railway & other services.

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