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Dive Log is designed to work either as your primary SCUBA diving logbook application or in conjunction with compatible 3rd party desktop logbook applications. You can use Dive Log at the dive site or on the dive boat to capture the information about the site while it is fresh in your mind (or your dive guide's mind). You can even capture the GPS coordinates of the dive site using the built in location services of your iOS device. Details about your actual dive can be added immediately after your dive or at the après dive event and later be saved to your desktop computer.

The dive buddy feature is fully integrated with Contacts on your iPhone or iPad, letting you capture information about your newest dive buddy or quickly add an existing buddy to a particular dive. The dive data and statistics features let you have an immediate answer the next time your dive guide asks how much weight you used on your last dive or have all the information you need about your dive history when you fill out that next dive waiver. Metric and Imperial values are supported for all appropriate logbook fields. You can easily enter values using the appropriate units for the situation and view them in your preferred measurement system. You can even explore detailed dive profiles from popular dive computers that you download with your desktop software and later upload to Dive Log on iPhone/iPad. Dive profile data can also be transferred directly from certain dive computers using a supported Bluetooth accessory and an associated in-app purchase.  

On Windows, Diving Log 5.0 (www.divinglog.de) is fully integrated with Dive Log on iPhone/iPad and has built in synchronization. Diving Log 5.0 has extensive support for importing data from dive computers and other dive log applications. 

On Mac OS X, logbook information can be imported to Dive Log on iPhone/iPad from a number of compatible applications using the free Dive Log Manager application available from More Mobile Software (www.moremobilesoftware.com/divelog-sync). Dive Log DT (available on the Mac App Store) can be used to directly import a number of dive computers and file formats and can synchronize with Dive Log on iOS. In addition, MacDive (www.mac-dive.com) has built in synchronization with Dive Log and supports a wide range of dive computers.

Dive Computer Buddy (aka DCbuddy) is a Bluetooth LE accessory by DiveNav Inc. and available for purchase separately (www.divenav.com/products/dcbuddy). The DCbuddy allows you transfer dive data from certain dive computers directly to Dive Log on your Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0) compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

What's New in Version 2.1

• New in-app purchase option to enable transferring dive data from Shearwater Petrel 2 dive computers (www.shearwater.com). This option is only available for iOS devices that have Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0) hardware.

• Expanded list of dive computers supported by the DCbuddy in-app purchase. Dive Computer Buddy (aka DCbuddy - a DiveNav Inc. product) is a Bluetooth LE accessory available for purchase separately - www.divenav.com/products/dcbuddy.

• Copy/Paste of signatures is now supported.

• Minor bug fixes and corrections.

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