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App Review: Evernote Hello


Hello. A simple word. The beginning of a conversation, maybe the start of a business relationship or a lifelong friendship. It all starts with hello.

Thomas Edison has been credited with using the word first on the telephone, it caught on, and quickly became the universally acceptable way to answer the phone, and the rest as they say is history.

Watch this hilarious clip from Stephen Fry’s QI on the origins of the word. 

Back to business, and as we all know, business is all about making and maintaining connections.

Networking has always been where it’s at, and in today’s digital economy these connections are being made faster than ever. Introductions are made, ideas are discussed, follow-up meetings are arranged, and relationships are built. So much of this depends on first impressions, ease of communications and a natural fit for both parties.

But how often are these introductions made in the pub or at an expo or on the golf course? Most people struggle to connect names and faces without a second interaction, and the ability to do so may mean the difference between building a meaningful long-term relationship and missing a life-changing opportunity.

evernote4Have you ever found yourself racking your brain to remember someone’s name the next time you see them, or fumbling for a business card at the end of a meeting, only to realise that you ran out months ago and never got round to printing more?

Well, Evernote’s mobile phone and tablet app Hello is there to help you. With a couple taps you can swap details and make that connection without missing a beat.

When you first open the app you are asked for some basic information to create your profile (name, job title, email, and optional details like Twitter handle, etc.), add a photo and you’re done.

If you are on LinkedIn or Facebook you can allow the app to access these platforms to auto-complete. I suggest authorising LinkedIn – it’s a professional network. Rather leave Facebook for your drunken party pics. But that’s up to you.

When you meet someone new, tap the app icon to add a contact, enter the person’s email address and their name. There is also an option to take a photo. Hello searches available networks like LinkedIn in order to fill in the blanks – their job title, company, Twitter handle, etc. – but these can also be added manually.

The process is quick and slick and I’ve found people impressed by the app itself. “Hello Connect” scans for other Hello users nearby and the on/off toggle allows them access to your profile automatically.

evernote 4 
Lastly, you can click to email your details to them in return, complete with a automated personalized message. Hello also uses your phone’s geolocation to record where you met and at what time, and can access your calendars for meetings and appointments.

It also has the facility to scan business cards and store them in a virtual rolodex, although I found this feature buggy and you are limited to a certain number of scans per month cycle. 


  • Time-saver

  • Facilitates networking

  • Quick and easy way to swap details

  • Build and expand your LinkedIn presence

  • Syncs between devices

  • Updates your calendars

  • Good user guide and support


  • Business card scanning function buggy


Usability: 4/5

Design: 4/5

evernote hello montage


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