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Voly’s APA Management is Free for a Limited Time

The 2022 charter season is beginning to kick into high gear now and the industry is looking forward to an exciting and successful season.

But as superyacht captains and crew know all too well, a busy charter season also comes with all of the financial and administrative duties expected of them, particularly of captains.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re offering the yachting industry six months of free access to Voly’s APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) for charters.

The Voly APA tool, in combination with Voly’s Prepaid Mastercard and mobile app, records charter expenditure in real time and produces automated reports with minimum hassle.

Voly’s revolutionary yacht accounting platform has been proven to save up to 75 per cent of the time usually spent by captains and crew on financial admin, freeing them up to do what they do best: Care for the guests and deliver the best possible experience on board.

Never say No

Successful charter yachts understand how to perfectly cater to a guest’s every need. Captains and crew on charter yachts make a habit of never saying no to a guest, no matter how outlandish a request might be. Assuming the request doesn’t compromise the safety of the yacht, its crew or the guests, superyacht captains and crew understand that going the extra mile is key to guest satisfaction, and potentially their return at a later date.

But guest requests can also come at a financial cost - oftentimes, a very steep one. And with all of the fun, excitement and luxurious service of a yacht charter, it can be easy for guests to forget what they requested, or how much those requests may have cost. This can lead to awkward or difficult conversations between guests and the captain at the end of the charter once all of the charter costs are tallied up. As well as saving a substantial amount of time for the captain, Voly APA provides a clear record for all to review.

What is an APA?

An APA, or Advanced Provisioning Allowance, is a payment that guests are required to make in advance of their charter to fund the estimated costs of the trip. It’s often around 25 per cent of the cost to charter the vessel and it covers expenses such as onboard provisions (food, drinks etc), port fees, mooring fees and other administrative costs, as well as fuel and any additional expenses that the yacht is anticipated to incur during the charter.

The APA can be regarded as a working budget for day-to-day expenses. At the end of the charter, any remaining funds in the APA are returned to the guest and if there is a deficit in the APA account, the guests are required to pay the difference.

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About Voly’s APA Tool 

Voly’s APA management tool is the yachting sector’s first dedicated and fully automated APA platform specifically designed for charter yachts. It simplifies APA management, making it easier for yacht captains and crews to manage charter expenses so that they can focus on looking after their guests.

Our APA Management tool records charter expenditure on the go and in real time, producing all the necessary financial reports for the charter, with minimum hassle.

At the end of a charter, Voly APA automatically generates a simple report showing a complete reconciliation of all of the funds that were received from the guests and all of the expenditure involved in the trip, including all of the receipts.

Voly’s automation of these processes means that captains are freed up from doing literally hours of office admin at the end of every charter.

Naturally, superyacht captains love the Voly APA tool as it saves time and reduces the stress of compiling end of charter accounts. According to Captain Dean Pilatti of 60m Arience: “Voly’s automated APA reports mean we can confidently discuss spend with our guests without hours of sorting through receipts and manual spreadsheets, giving us more time to dedicate to our guests’ experience.”

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Voly is the future of financial management on board yachts

The APA tool is part of Voly’s comprehensive yacht and multi-asset financial management solution. It’s a cloud-based software platform specifically developed for use by captains, crew members, pursers, accountants and yacht owners. It offers a fun and easy to learn user experience designed to make your life easier and yacht operations more efficient. 

The Voly platform includes a mobile app, allowing users full control over their accounts wherever they are, and users can even choose to make use of Voly’s Prepaid Mastercard for class-leading expenditure management and recording.

Users also have access to Voly’s included Multi-Currency Accounting and Payment platform. It allows payments to be made directly to suppliers from within Voly, without the need to log in to separate online banking facilities.

Voly APA also offers users the ability to buy and sell up to 37 different currencies at highly competitive rates, offering unparalleled savings in forex transaction fees.

Voly’s APA is free for six months!

Don’t forget that Voly’s industry-leading APA tool is currently on promotion: For a limited time, the yachting industry is invited to enjoy Voly’s APA management for free for six months!* 

Contact us today to discuss your needs or to book a demo. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

*Terms & Conditions apply


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