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Maritime Labour Convention 2006

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The deadline for implementation of the MLC 2006 is 20 August 2013, which is fast approaching.

Although this does not affect yachts registered as a pleasure vessel, all commercially operated yachts need to comply by 20 August 2013. Yachts over 500GT will require an MLC certificate. Non compliance could lead to detention by Port State Control Officers (PSCOs).

To attain MLC compliance will require flag approval of SEAs and Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) part 2 as a prerequisite for onboard audit.

For UK flag yachts, application for survey to Ensign will be in the usual manner, and the SEA & DMLC part 2 approvals will be undertaken by the assigned surveyor.

It is intended to harmonise subsequent MLC audits with the ISM and Security audits, where applicable. 

The main points of MLC 2006:

  1. Minimum age
  2. Medical certification
  3. Qualifications of seafarers
  4. Seafarers employment agreements (SEAs)
  5. Use of regulated recruitment and placement services
  6. Hours of work and rest
  7. Manning levels
  8. Crew accommodation
  9. On-board recreational facilities
  10. Food and catering
  11. Health & safety and accident prevention
  12. On-board medical care
  13. On-board complaint procedures
  14. Payment of wages

Although UK has not yet finalised its regulations on this Convention, see Ensign’s website for a link to MCA’s current guidance.

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