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LY3 Main Changes from LY2

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UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency 

ENSIGN – Large Yacht Services

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is a world leading maritime administration and the originator of the Large Commercial Yacht Code. Ensign is the Large Yacht Survey unit of the MCA.

Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3) 

  • LY3 has been developed with industry to keep up with developments and amendments which have subsequently taken place with the international conventions for which the codes provide an alternative means of achieving compliance, more suited to commercial yachts.
  • LY3 published August 2012, will assist designers and builders preparing new designs.

           Download a copy of LY3 here   

Services Provided:

  • Vessels surveyed for which the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code is relevant and issue of certificate on satisfactory completion of survey.
  • A service to owners, builders and designers for the examination of, and comment upon, any vessel projects for compliance with the Code.
  • As the MCA introduced the Code we can interpret it safely and accurately.

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LY2 has been updated and clarified throughout and is now issued as LY3. Details of all changes are listed in Annex 7. Unless stated otherwise, implementation for new construction commences on 20 August 2013. The upper limit of 3000GT for coding has been removed.

The main changes are listed below:- 

  • Fully revised chapter 16 - radio requirements
  • Fully revised chapter 21 - crew accommodation compliance with MLC
  • New guidance on carriage of submersibles
  • New guidance on polar operations
  • New guidance concerning racing operations
  • New guidance on passenger lift installations
  • New guidance on acceptable rescue boat locations
  • New guidance on acceptable underwater light fittings
  • Revised requirements for galley fire protection
  • Clarification on sailing rig survey requirements
  • Compliance with MGN 422 – Trackways for working overside
  • Inclusion of SOLAS updates:-



                      Lifejacket sizes

                      Emergency towing procedures 

  • Inclusion of Marpol updates

        For more information, and general enquiries, please call: +44 191 496 9917 



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