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Döhle Yachts - Revised Guide to MLC

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Two years ago Döhle Yachts published their first guide to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) - One industry publication called it: “...the first digestible guide to the MLC which will help the initiated and uninitiated alike through the major impacts of the MLC...”

Following the implementation of the MLC on 20th August 2013 Döhle's updated guide is available to download here.

The new twenty eight page guide contains a comprehensive summary of the MLC (a 110 page document) and the latest information, guidance, interpretation and actions required by those involved in the running and management of superyachts.

On launching this new guide Döhle Yachts Director Robert Tobin said: “Now that the MLC has been implemented is will have a profound effect on all commercial shipping, including commercial superyachts. It establishes minimum requirements for almost all aspects of working conditions for seafarers including conditions of employment, hours of work and rest, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection. In the new guide we outline the sections of the MLC which will have the most affect on the owning and operating of superyachts.

“Each state is tasked not only with ensuring that ships flying its flag meet the ‘decent work’ requirements set out in the Convention, but also with certifying that those ships comply with the requirements relating to labour conditions. This certification will also facilitate inspections of ships.

“The maritime labour inspection and certification system is a big step forward by the ILO. The Convention places great reliance on the system allowing for inspections to be carried out by other countries, and Port State Control. There is also a mechanism which records seafarers’ complaints, as well as a reporting mechanism which spots failures no matter where a ship travels. 

 “Many people involved in the industry have tried to ignore the implications of the MLC, or have hoped that the regulations won’t apply to them. We at Döhle Yachts, however, welcome the ratification and introduction of the MLC as a means of insuring standardisation, and where required, the improvement of working conditions for those employed at sea.”

At the end of the booklet Döhle have included some of their checklists. These have proved popular with clients and crew who have found them to be invaluable as quick reference guides:

• Compliance Requirements for Yachts
• MLC Inspection Requirements for Commercial Yachts
• Garbage Management for Yachts

Robert Tobin Concludes : “We were delighted with the positive reaction to, and popularity of, our first guide and the complementary comments we received from our peers in the industry. I am sure that new guide will prove to be equally useful and popular. I would seriously recommend that everyone in the industry reads it, and that a copy is kept aboard every yacht. Should anyone have any queries as to how the MLC affects them I would recommend that they contact our Compliance and Technical department, or in the case of employment and contracts contact Döhle Yacht Crew”.

Full details and the latest news are available on:
Contact: Mike Dean

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