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The Crew Coach Discusses Mental Health with Damian Chaparro

There's no denying that it's an extremely stressful time for everybody, and situations such as the coronavirus outbreak can hugely affect our mental health. As such, Karine Rayson of The Crew Coach is thrilled to introduce us to a three-part interview with Damian Chaparro, co-founder of the Aroha retreat. Karine recently had the privilege of attending the retreat for the second time and yet again she left feeling like her mind and body went through a complete reset, with productivity levels increased significantly.

From alcohol and drug addiction to managing your wellbeing when living in confined spaces, the importance of managing social media intake and the power of kindness, the two cover a number of issues that are affecting all of us during this time.

Alcohol and Drugs

For a long time, alcohol and drugs have been a topic of both conversation and concern within the superyacht industry.

In this vlog Karine and Damian discuss:
The difference between contrast and habitation
How to break a habit
Understanding peer pressure
Exploring the reason behind our drinking - purpose vs pleasure

Managing Your Thoughts 

Your thoughts and values are widely known to dictate the way you see yourself and the world around you, and if they are grounded in pessimism, can negatively impact your feelings, emotions and mental health. 

In this vlog Karine and Damian discuss:
Wellbeing and living in confined spaces
Why your thoughts are the fuel for your body and mind
Discover how by choosing how we want to spend our day will impact how we feel
The power of kindness and how to unhook yourself from negativity 

Social Media

The rapid growth of social media over the last decade has established an entirely new medium for human interaction. One implication of its rapid rise and its affect on mental health, has gathered a significant amount of attention in recent years.

In this vlog Karine and Damian discuss:
How we can manage our social media intake 
Why it is important to do so
Damian will also share amazing self-care resources as well as information regarding a one-day free virtual retreat with Aroha Retreats

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