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No Better Reassurance than Adequate Medical Insurance

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As hard-working, hard-playing yacht crew, are you suffering from a torpid and sluggish liver? Bilious headache and sour stomach? Seeking a sure-fire remedy that’s never been known to fail? By the 19th century, while diseases were rife and their cures few and far between, there was certainly no shortage of cads and bounders willing to take your money in exchange for their questionable cure-alls.

In parts of the world cholera was out of control, while dysentery and typhoid were distressingly common. There was little understanding of food and water contamination and the importance of personal hygiene, and so virulent diseases flourished. Childhood was likely to be brutish and short, with infants commonly dying before the age of five. Even at the turn of the 20th century, a middle-class man’s average life expectancy was only 45. For a labourer, it was considerably less. The old expression 'to drop down dead' was a frequent reality.

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Fast forward to today and amid the luxury of a modern ocean-going yacht bound for exotic locations, these afflictions of yesteryear may seem far, far away. But illness and injury still strike hard and without warning. Viruses and diseases constantly mutate to create fresh havoc and claim new victims. A new environment means new opportunities for your immune system to be compromised.

Medical insurance - arranged by Moore Stephens Brokers Limited (MSBL) - a remedy for your ills

MSBL specialise in insurance and income protection plans for all super yacht crew, with policies tailored uniquely and comprehensively for the needs of this demanding and rigorous profession. As outlined by the ancient Book of the Admiralty, all ships have a duty of care to their crew, but above all, you must have a duty of care to yourself.

Before you set sail again, take time out from your busy schedule to talk to us about a lifetime of first-class medical protection.

For more details from MSBL contact:

Melanie Langley - Senior Crew Benefits Adviser  +44 (0)7476 592592
Skype: melanie.langley.mscb

Simon Dixon - Insurance Risk Specialist  +44(0)7890 888166
Skype: simon.dixon.mscb



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Photo credits: Thumbnail, Pixabay; Hunt's Liver Remedy, Boston Public Library, Flickr CC 2.0.

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