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Maternity Cover for Seafarers

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When it comes to having a baby onboard, many women can be all at sea.

As a young and ambitious woman working as crew on board a superyacht, along with the hard work and long hours, you enjoy the financial freedom and glamorous international travel such a job provides. It’s a great life, but it’s all too easy to be lulled into a sense of false security about one issue in particular, which on land is much more cut-and-dried: Maternity.

Did you know that if you become pregnant while working onboard a superyacht your employment rights may not be protected in the same way as they would be on dry land?

In fact, pregnancy on board ship can be something of a difficult voyage for the unprepared and the uninsured female. For example, did you know that expectant mothers working at sea are advised to stop work at 24 weeks* - that’s a full 10 weeks before mums-to-be on dry land? 

When it comes to working at sea, employment conditions, long hours, and the often demanding nature of the job, can result in very few clear-cut interpretations of the facts around crew pregnancy onboard ship. 

So, this happy event needs careful planning!

As a woman you need to equip yourself with the facts and the right insurance policy that will offer you the protection you need.

Pregnancy and Childcare Insurance

Many elements of our policy are devised especially for female crew on board superyachts, with up to $20,000 worth of maternity-related cover.

This means, if you become pregnant and you’re covered, the policy will pay you up to the maximum amount for all of the important stages associated with your pregnancy.

This includes provision for a routine delivery, all the pre-natal care you will need during your pregnancy and then that all-important post-natal follow-up care for your new-born for up to 26 weeks after birth.

This applies whether you’re covered under the group superyacht crew medical policy or if you have taken out the personal superyacht crew medical policy.

Protect yourself... Talk to us today. 


Melanie Langley - Senior Crew Benefits Adviser
Tel: +44 (0)7476 592592
Skype: melanie.langley.mscb 

* Source:  International Labour Convention guidelines – WCMS 174794




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