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Crew Workout: Resistance Bands for Abductors

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This article features three simple exercises to blast the muscles around your hip and the lateral aspect of your leg, as well as getting your heart pumping of course. All these can be performed without any resistance, but we have introduced the bands to step it up a gear for you. Thank us later!

Easy to store, cheap to purchase and available in different strengths for different abilities – these bands are great for strength development, hip stability, rehabilitation or just to feel the burn a little when short of time. Even the strongest of crew can find these bands challenging when using the correct resistance, so I suggest you give it a go!

Exercise 1. Lateral Band Walks

Step into the resistance band, place the band just above the ankles, feet should be shoulder width distance and keeping the band taught.

excercise 1 markexercise 3 mark

Bend your knees and get into a half squat position. Keeping your feet in line with your shoulders, core tight, weight in your heels, then take a step sideways (laterally) to activate your glutes. Avoid tilting forward onto toes. Keep the resistance of the band as you bring your left leg towards your right, returning to the starting position. Continue to step sideways for 10-20 times.

Repeat this movement with your other leg stepping the other way 10-20 times. You will feel the burn for a better backside.

Exercise 2. The Clamshell

Lay down on to one side with the band positioned just above the knees. Supporting your upper body with the forearm flat on the ground below your shoulder and second hand in front of your body.

With both knees bent as shown and your heels together, part your knees as wide as you can. Hold temporarily at the widest point and return back to the start position in a controlled manner.  Maintain resistance with the band and remember to keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

exercise 2.1exercise 2.2

Repeat this 15-30 times and then switch sides.

This exercise targets your Gluteus Medius on the lateral side of your butt, which is an important muscle that's often forgotten. It also helps develop the shape and tone of your butt, so can you afford to ignore this one?

Exercise 3. Jumping Jacks

Step inside the band and position it just above the ankles again.

Starting with your hands by your side and legs shoulder width apart. Jump up with the aim to have your hands touching above your head when you land with your legs in a wider stance as shown. Jump up again bringing you arms and legs back to the starting position. Simple! Make sure you do this exercise slower than you would do normally (without the band) to get the maximum resistance and therefore maximum benefit.

Repeat this 15-30 times without stopping, and a count of 1 is classified as when your legs and arms return to the start position.

 exercise 3.1exercise 3.4

exercise 3.3execise 3.4

Perform these 3 exercises in order and repeat them for a total of 3 sets. You can incorporate these  into any routine you choose or just use them after a run to finish off with an extra burn.

Mark Healy Fitness Management is a specialist company providing elite health & fitness professionals to private residences and the superyacht industry. They are also an independent design & consultancy company creating health, fitness & spa facilities for both adults and children throughout Europe and across the USA.

Model: Dina Balint - Personal Trainer, US Consultant for MH Fitness Management.

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