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Crew Health: The Benefits of Fish Oils

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In today’s world we are exposed to such an overload of information when it comes to health and wellness. We’re bombarded with images on Instagram, recipes on Facebook and weekend warriors declaring their new found knowledge as gospel on what we should eat. 

To this end, the Internet is a phenomenal tool, but you’ll always find counter arguments and plenty of misinformation. Fortunately things are pretty clear when it comes to fish oils and there’s hardly a practitioner out there who would dispute its health benefits. 

Fish oil contains invaluable forms of omega 3, 6 and 9 and it’s important that these are balanced in specific ratios for optimum benefit to our health. Too much of either 6 or 9 can actually have adverse effects. 

Getting the right balance with Omega

The active ingredients are essential fatty acids, specifically eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  

Despite volumes of research, it’s only in the last 20 years that the actions of EPA and DHA have come to be understood in terms of these three individual classifications rather than just omega 3.   

We now understand how these fatty acids work in isolation and in combination, how they are digested, absorbed and utilized in the body, so we can tailor different blends of EPA and DHA to the particular health benefits we are seeking to achieve. 

bfishy capsule270In the broadest terms, DHA is important for good cognitive functioning and regeneration, also benefitting the central nervous system, retinal function and the immune system. Meanwhile

EPA has important anti-inflammatory properties, both physical and neurological. In combination they are incorporated into the outer layer of our cells, increasing malleability and improving the messaging between cells. 

In practical terms, this ‘thermal effect’ improves the way your body burns and utilizes stored fat, and it can curb insulin spikes when taken with every meal. 

Insulin is the number one ‘aging hormone’ so the less we have flowing through our bodies, the better! 

The omegas also raise our insulin sensitivity, meaning you’re likely to want to only half of that Death by Chocolate instead of smashing the entire slice without feeling any adverse physiological changes, such as the head rush caused by the high levels of sugar. 

Insulin sensitivity is also connected to our metabolic rate and it can be a contributing factor in keeping Type 2 Diabetes at bay. 

One study found that when men increased their daily fish oil (EPA) intake from half a gram to three grams for a period of two weeks, the thermal effects increased by 51%. For women, levels were sometimes even higher, particularly when combined with other supplements. 

It’s exciting when you see love handles disappear merely by ingesting high quality fish oil! 

Several new studies in the American Heart Association journal also report on the ability of fish oils to offset the damaging effects of air pollution. 

Air pollution may be associated with blood vessel damage and inflammation in otherwise healthy adults, and a study published in the European Heart Journal has suggested that long-term exposure to air pollution is linked to a greater incidence of high blood pressure. 

There are many fish oil products on the market and B MOVED's BFishy is a popular choice among our clients. 

Mighty Cool Supplements

Here’s a summary of the many health benefits of fish oil: 

  • Accelerates fat loss, effective in targeting love handles and belly fat 

  • Cardiovascular benefits to protect your heart and mitigate the effects of stress by reducing cortisol in the blood

  • Improves brain function and concentration 

  • Improves the health of skin and hair

  • Boosts muscle mass 

  • Speeds up workout recovery 

  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties

  • Reduces joint pain - omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils prevent enzymes from breaking down the cartilage in the joints helping to prevent inflammation. 

  • Anti ageing properties 

All the very best in good health!

Sportsman and Founder, Rudi Keil, is passionate about crew wellness helping yacht crew perform better and make positive lifestyle choices onboard and ashore. Aligned with leading experts on strength training, anti-ageing and supplementation, B MOVED provides a complete range of fitness training, nutritional advice and food supplements for optimum health and wellbeing.

To arrange a consultation, contact Rudi

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