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Total Superyacht App - The Future of Interior Operations

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When it comes to interior operations, there has never been a more powerful or simple-to-use piece of software that encompasses everything from SOPs, familiarizations and training to crew certificates and hours of rest.

The Total Superyacht app is a management solution with over 200 expert checklists which you can tailor to your individual yacht, or you can create customized lists from scratch, which is particularly useful and time-saving for new builds.


Benefits of the Total Superyacht App for Interior Operations: 

  • Heads of department become super organized and efficient and have more time to devote to guest service and team leading.

  • Owners enjoy consistency of setup and service and can relax knowing their yacht is being properly maintained, even when crew change.

  • Training becomes almost effortless as the App becomes your personal training assistant and walks crew through the hundreds of tiny details that usually take up so much of your time.

  • Digital Flashcards provide an encyclopedia of quick reference information available to everyone. The options are unlimited — everything from place setting diagrams, specialized fabric care instructions, wine descriptions, and equipment maintenance to owner cabin setup and more.

  • Service Styles and Cultural & Religious Information from the PYA GUEST Program are included — a fantastic reference tool for charter yachts with guests from around the globe.

Stew iPad

Easy Team Management & Job Delegation
Crew can work on individual checklists or multiple crew can work from the same checklist via different iPads on different decks. HODS can color-code individual tasks to specify who is responsible for completing each item.

Cleaning & Detailing
Detailed checklists make your life easy. No need to worry about inexperienced crew damaging expensive surfaces by using the wrong product. You’re able to provide a lot of detail without your team feeling micro-managed.

Equipment Maintenance
Detailed instructions ensure your whole team knows how to descale the coffee machine, clean the ice machine vents, check the dryer lint filters, activate the exhaust filter change indicator or change the Miele vacuum thread lifters — in short, everything to keep your department running at maximum efficiency.

Checklist Scheduling
Schedule checklists to re-occur (on the calendar) so that everyone knows exactly when tasks are due. Especially helpful for keeping track of repetitive tasks.

Workflow Automation
Items requiring further attention are noted directly on the iPad. Following HOD approval, these items automatically populate the engineers’ (deck/galley or other) work list or can be added to the Safety Meeting Agenda with one click.

Guest Arrival
Relax when guests arrive, because your checklists give you confidence that nothing has been forgotten. You can even create checklists for individual guest preferences.

Watch Duties
Provide Watchkeepers with a detailed checklist for their daily duties and rounds.

Inventory Control
Work through simple amenity, dry store, beverage, wine, spirit, snack and cleaning checklists to determine quantities for your next provisioning day.

Shipyard Work Lists, Crossing Work List, Wish Lists or Work Lists for your team to carry out while you’re on vacation… it’s all covered!

Detailed checklists provide thorough familiarizations to new crew.

Handover Notes
Digitized handover checklists make moving on (or taking over) a breeze.

Automatic Record Keeping
A non-editable PDF record is created every time a checklist is completed, so you know exactly who detailed the master cabin six months ago. This encourages crew to report accidental breakages because they know records are kept.

SOPs, Safety & Compliance
Yes, yes and a big yes — we have it all covered!

Watch this short demonstration video:

New Builds
Save hundreds of hours with our comprehensive fit out lists, model specific equipment maintenance checklists and expert standard operating procedures that you can personalize to the yacht and owners’ specific needs. Work with the interior design team to add digital flashcards detailing the care and maintenance of bespoke surfaces and fabrics or employ us to take care of that on your behalf.

Take delivery with all your SOPs in place, ready to welcome guests and focus on providing exceptional service.

What Else?

  • Dozens of expert checklists to get you up and running super quickly. 

  • Plenty of personalized support while you get to know the system.

  • A detailed help tool is included on the App, and you’ll receive regular Helpful Tip emails.

  • We’re constantly developing new features and can guarantee you that it’s only going to get better.

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