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Top Tips- Bed Linens

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The Importance of Great Linens

Charter guests and owners will use, touch and sleep in the linens on board. They will notice and appreciate luxurious softness, but will also remark on scratchy towels or bed linen. The interior of the cabins need to make a great initial impact and quality linens are essential to continue that sensation.  

Here are some helpful tips  to select and care for your onboard linens, drawn from our years of experience supplying yachts of all sizes. 

Step 1. Measuring for bed linens.

It is important to know the measurements of the mattresses in each cabin: their width, length and height. If you are looking to buy linens for existing bedding, ensure you know the sizes of the pillows and duvets also. (Use the measurements on the labels if still readable). Do not forget that terms such as “standard”, “queen” and “king” size, vary according to different countries and therefore can be ambiguous. For irregular shaped mattresses or oval tables, templates need to be made. 

Step 2. Choosing the right linens.

There is a huge choice of designs and fabrics available for bed and table linens. Both charter and private use will demand high quality, durability and easy maintenance.  Egyptian cotton still remains the most prestigious fabric available. ‘Thread count’ can be very deceptive and certainly not the only criteria to use when choosing fabrics. Manufacturers often use it to confuse and trick people. Synthetic fibres advertise ‘easy care’ advantages, but are not natural and do not breathe, which makes them unsuitable for a Mediterranean summer. It is important to touch and feel the fabric, so ask for samples. Buying off the Internet without seeing samples can have expensive consequences.

cabin shop car resizedStep 3. Calculate delivery times.

You will need time to make the interior stunning with unique designs in different cabins. These cannot be purchased off the shelf immediately as the range of ready-made suitable styles and fabrics is limited and not necessarily less expensive. With time, the right product, design and size can be chosen. When calculating delivery times it is important to consider the time needed to receive quotes, get approval, organise deposit payments, manufacture and eventual delivery.

Step 4. Care of linens

The first wash of linens is the most important. Allowing linens to soak in cold water if possible first allows the fibres to settle. If you must send the linens to a laundry, mention that they are new. New linens do not need detergent or warm washing. Also threads can be scorched by too hot irons or presses.

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Pay attention to the care instructions on the label and if you are unsure, ask the manufacturers. When away from your home port, ask neighbouring yachts for recommendations on local laundry services.

Step 5. Feedback

Finally, please give us feedback. Positive as well as negative feedback helps us to improve the choice of articles and service to you.


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