Sous Vide: The Basics

Posted: 11th Aug 2014

Written by: Spike Steele

While you’ll seldom see the words ‘sous vide’ on any menu, this cooking technique was originally utilized in the early 1970s to minimize product loss when cooking foie gras. Read More

Ship's Cook Certificate: UPDATE

Posted: 24th Jul 2014

Written by: PYA

The Ship's Cook Certificate (SCC) is required for all cooks who cook for crew and work onboard MCL compliant yachts with 10 or more crew. Read the summary on the latest details. Read More

Yacht Chef Inspiration: Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Cheesecake

Posted: 17th Jul 2014

Written by: Spike Steele

Working as a yacht chef, you sometimes come across treasured ingredients you haven’t seen in years. In Antibes I found a small market stall which had 8 stalks of ruby red rhubarb. Read More

The Rosé Riviera

Posted: 3rd Jul 2014

Written by: Rod Smith

The epicentre of the yachting world – the Riviera – is also home to one of the world’s most definitive wine styles: Provence Rosé. The two go together like summer and sunshine. Read More

10 Things I Didn't Know: Yacht Dogs Drink Evian

Posted: 20th Mar 2014

Written by: Nikki Morgan

It would probably be easier to ask me 10 things that I DID know about yachting when I arrived in Antibes in the summer of 2001. Read More

Superyacht Chef Simon Furey

Posted: 28th Feb 2014

Written by: Karen Hockney

Sitting in a careers class in Coventry 25 years ago, little did Simon Furey realise that one day, he would make his name cooking on one of the most sumptuous private yachts. Read More

Fishy Business

Posted: 4th Feb 2014

Written by: Annie Fischer

Did you know that Mahi-Mahi mate for life? That Orange Roughy live up to 100 years? For a yacht chef, knowing where to buy sustainably-sourced seafood can be a fishy business. Read More

Anders Pedersen

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Chef Anders Pedersen from M/Y Altitude talks to OnboardOnline about his competition win in Antigua, and his belief that yacht chefs need to share their knowledge more. Read More

Vegan Recipe from Tami Ayers

Posted: 27th Dec 2013

Written by: OnboardOnline

Vegan charter coming up? Want to introduce more vegetarian meals into your cheffing repetoire? Chef Tami Ayers from S/Y Marie kindly shares the recipe that won her third place in the fiercely contested Concours de Chef at the rec... Read More

Crew Meals: Caramel five spice meatballs

Posted: 19th Dec 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Because almost all yacht chefs run out of ideas sometimes, (especially when cooking for crew), OnboardOnline has decided to start an online recipe library.To kick off the series, chef Ivy Dai has kindly given us her recipe for Car... Read More

Crew Meals: Feeding Body and Mind

Posted: 29th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

As a chef, sometimes you think your crew is spoiled and should be happy with what's on the table. But take their criticisms and turn it around! One of the joys (and headaches) of crew cooking is giving them what they need. Read More

Where Does All the Food Go?

Posted: 18th Nov 2013

Written by: Ivy Dai

Every time I prepare for a charter, I wonder if I’ve bought too much food. Space is always a premium on yachts, but you need to have everything a guest might ask for. Read More

Manage Expectations…but plan for the worst

Posted: 7th Nov 2013

Written by: Croque Madame

Whether guest, captain or crew, everybody has expectations of the chef. Croque Madame discusses how to manage those expectations, the frustration of fad diets, and how mise en place can save the day. Read More

Croque Madame Gives a Toasting

Posted: 9th Oct 2013

Written by: Croque Madame

Reporting from the dark side: The trials and tribulations of Croque Madame and five things no one tells you about life as a superyacht chef. Read More

A Wine Tour de France

Posted: 9th Apr 2013

Written by: Rod Smith MW

The wines of Europe in general, and those of France in particular, can seem very confusing. This is especially true for people who may have grown up with more familiarly labelled New World wines. In essence the difference for this... Read More

Provision Me This

Posted: 5th Mar 2013

Written by: Morgan Lonergan

The act, or ‘art,’ of filling a space which is half the required size with twice the required amount of supplies, with the added psychic ability of the provisioner to ascertain with no prior knowledge whatsoever which particular s... Read More

A Stellar Cellar On Board

Posted: 15th Feb 2013

Written by: Rod Smith MW

Wine is becoming an increasingly important part of many superyacht trips, whether they are for charter or owner. An understanding of wine is often de-rigueur for many crew nowadays as a result of wine-knowledgeable guests, and the... Read More

Me, Myself and Crew

Posted: 8th Jan 2013

Written by: Morgan Lonergan

When, as a chef, I was asked to write an article on the finer points of the chef/crew relationship on board yachts, the initial rush of excitement I felt – and I mean the sadistic, puppy-kicking* kind of excitement a person may fe... Read More

The Grapes of Froth

Posted: 8th Jan 2013

Written by: Rod Smith MW

Champagne – Known for centuries as the Wine of Kings and the King of Wines, any fine meal should start with a glass of Champagne as its apéritif. It is a perfect ice-breaker, delicious palate-whetter and will make a celebration ou... Read More


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