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Yacht Crew Start Your Wine Collection!

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We all like a spot of plonk every now and again but, have you ever thought about having a decent collection of wine for your home once you leave the yachting industry?

Or have you ever thought about wine as a long-term investment? Wine investment is safe and exciting and what’s the worst that can happen? You'd have to drink it!

Let's Start at the Beginning

Ed and I worked on boats for seven years. We always had an interest in wine, which is what lead us to leave and start a wine provisioning company for yachts called Onshore Cellars. As the years went by on yachts the desire to go out every night became less and less and we started thinking about the future. (Yes we all grow up eventually!). We wanted a collection of wine in our house when we finally left the industry and we also wanted to make a smart investment. So we started a cellar.

We bought wine for a number of reasons. Whether it was for investment, to buy more of a wine we liked from a restaurant or for christening presents for our friends' children. We wanted to share the same opportunity with you so we started Onshore Private Reserves.

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We understand you have limited room on board and that you might not have a permanent home as yet. So we have designed Onshore Private Reserves specifically with yacht crew in mind.

Onshore Private Reserves offers a route to purchase wines for your cellar together with bonded storage in London, keeping your wines in perfect condition and guaranteeing their provenance so you're not disappointed when pulling the cork.

In addition we offer a viable route to market should you want to sell your investment wine back to yacht owners once they have reached maturity, using OSCX, our unique trading platform.

It's Easy and it's Interesting!

If you need advice we are here to help. If you want to build a cellar purely for investment, we can suggest wines based on the latest market analysis and we will only recommend wines that have a proven track record in the secondary market.

When it comes to sending your wine home, this is easy. We chose London for our bonded cellars as it's a central hub. We know that you may not have decided where you will live after yachting, and London is ideally located to ship anywhere around the world.

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Once you are ready to send your wine home, you simply provide the address and we'll do the rest. You can send one bottle or your entire collection, and costs can be as little as £1.50 per bottle to ship to Australia.

We already have a number of yacht crew signed up and starting to make their purchases. Remember this doesn’t have to be an expensive activity. You can spend as little or as much as you like and still build a wonderful cellar to enjoy in the years to come or provide a good return on your investment.

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