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Tuna Belly: An Overlooked Ingredient

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Tuna belly is an often overlooked ingredient but it is in fact very versatile and high in omega3. Only a small portion available per tuna and usually expensive, but worth it.

Tuna belly from a Blue Fin Tuna or 'Toro' is generally considered the king of sushi ingredients, the best tuna belly sushi will literally melt in one's mouth.

Some chefs like to lightly singe the tuna belly before it is made into a nigiri, this is called 'Aburi Toro'. By doing this it quickly heats the fat and makes the tuna belly even more creamier and “wakes up” some of the flavours.

The Spanish and Italians like to conserve Tuna Belly in oil:

Cut fresh tuna belly in big chunks and place it in a small pan to crowd the tuna, cover in enough cold olive oil and add garlic and spices. Poach it over very low heat just until the meat begins to flake -- about 15 minutes. Cool in the pan, it will continue to cook slowly as the oil cools and the colour of the tuna will change from pink to a creamy tan, but it will certainly never brown unless the oil is way too hot. Once cool, store in the flavoured olive oil ensuring it completely covers the tuna, in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Your conserved tuna belly is excellent to use in aperitifs, salads, pasta dishes etc.

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Tuna Belly is also delicious grilled, with a simple herb rub on it or marinated overnight in a rich sumptuous marinade, the fat in the tuna belly will absorb all the flavours. Either grill the tuna belly until it is cooked through, or just seared, it is excellent either way.

Don't forget to try it as tuna tartar for the ultimate melt in your mouth experience.

Bon Appétit!


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