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Taste and Quality with Natural, Unfarmed Meats

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You cannot see it and you cannot always recognize it by reading the label but, unfortunately, most of the meat in the supermarket these days has gone industrial and it is also affecting the food on board superyachts.

Intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production, is also called factory farming.

Today’s beef and game industries bring cattle and deer to slaughter weight sometimes in just one year or less. It reduces the nutritional value of the meat, stresses the animals, increases the risk of bacterial contamination, pollutes the environment and exposes consumers to a long list of unwanted chemicals. What happens with chickens is even worse.

The words free-range or grass-fed are clues, telling us that the animals were raised in a more humane way. Their diet is more balanced, and the animals spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Animals are also not allowed to eat genetically modified foods.

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Animals raised in the wild 100% cannot be fed antibiotics or the bovine human growth hormone (rbGH), or with any other artificial drugs.

Wild venison and any game is always a first-rate healthy meat choice. Free-range and grass-fed game always has finer grain than beef. If you have only ever tasted venison or wild boar in a red wine stew, you might find the flavour too powerful, but give it another chance and try different options such a game charcuterie, where the flavour is more complex and balanced with spices.

The authentic unfarmed wild boar meat has a different texture. It looks more like red steak and tastes like a cross between organic pork and venison.

Using genuine wild venison and wild boar, as opposed to farmed meats, the difference is even greater.

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Some of the oldest breeds of Hungarian animals are the Indian water buffalo and the Hungarian Grey Cattle, kept out to pasture even today, grazing only on natural herbs and grasses. The unique tasting meat reflects the wealth of natural grass and flowers grown in our national parks.

At Venison Gusto we really care and we are using only the best possible quality of meat.

All our gourmet-smoked products are based on traditional Hungarian recipes, producing quality charcuterie with all the natural flavors of the good old days!

Also beautifully packaged, these products sit well on the table of any superyacht, providing a truly unique and intense flavor experience.

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