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Slovenia Wine

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That which is made with love, effort and knowledge has a greater possibility to succeed. However, this is not possible without natural resources.

Slovenian wines combine all of the above and the conditions for the growth and development of the vine are excellent in several parts of Slovenia.

With regard to the climate, soil structure and relief, wine experts consider some Slovenian wine-growing areas to be the best in the world.


Natural conditions for winemaking are good, however, this is only the first part of the 'magic' from which wine is produced. Naturally, several Slovenian winemakers also excel in this area.

Slovenia produces 80 to 100 million liters of wine annually, a significant number in the context of global production. More importantly, Slovenian wines are known for their quality and taste.

Almost 70% ofs of Slovenian wines fulfil the criteria for quality and premium wines, which is the result of a highly-developed wine culture and the demands of wine lovers.

For all tastes

Slovenian wines convince and enchant even the greatest connoisseurs, offering a range of whites and reds from lush full bodied aromas to more delicate tastes, both dry to sweet. Whte wine predominates, representing 70% of production.

You can taste various sweet, sparkling, pearly or liqueur wines. While the wines of all regions are available at the better restaurants and inns, it is still a special pleasure to get to know such wines in the their natural environment by visiting the producers, their inns cellars.

Towards the east, southeast and southwest

Slovenia has three main wine-growing regions. Podravje in the eastern part of Slovenia is especially famous for its white wines, particularly laški rizling, followed by chardonnay and sauvignon.

These varieties are also produced in the southeast of Slovenia, in the region of Posavje, where red wines such as modra frankinja also play an important role.

Primorska also produces internationally recognised wines as well as local and autochthonous varieties. The zelen and pinela from the region of Vipavsko are worth mentioning. Teran, from the region of Karst, is a speciality.



Tasting of Slovenian wines is just the beginning, since Slovenia also produces some excellent blends. Among them, it is worth mentioning the protected wine cviček from the wine-growing region of Dolenjska.

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