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No More Sulphites in Wine?

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Do you get headaches from Sulphites in wine? Here's your answer!

A chemistry graduate who claims his new gadget can filter out sulphites in wine as it is poured is seeking $100,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The device, named Üllo and pronounced ‘oo-lo’, is described by developer James Kornacki on Kickstarter as a ‘revolutionary purification’ product.

According to Üllo's Kickstarter page, a wine drinker can place the gadget on top of their wine glass or decanter and a filter made from food grade polymer then removes sulphites in wine as it is poured through – returning the wine to its ‘natural state’. Sulphites are widely present in wines and many winemakers argue that – even in small amounts – they are essential in helping to prevent oxidisation and preserving freshness in wine. But a surprising number of wine lovers are sensitive to sulfites, and Üllo claims to remove these sulites without affecting the original flavour of the wine so everyone can enjoy a glass without the headache!

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As an added benefit, sediment is captured in the filtering process ensuring your last sip is as pure as your first. And if you prefer to aerate your wine, with a simple twist of Üllo, you can opt to aerate. Üllo said 10 filters were likely to cost $20 and a launch is planned for February 2016. We will be keeping our eye out for the launch!

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