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Yacht Uniform: Are You the Right Fit?

Posted: 12th Aug 2014

Written by: Lauren Williams

Most of us have encountered it. Sitting in a guest cabin, watching the chief stew pulling out the uniform from under the bed, only to find that the size you requested doesn't fit. Read More

Q&A: Stewardess Bianca Meyjes

Posted: 11th Aug 2014

Written by: OnboardOnline

Bianca Meyjes, OnboardOnline's newest contributor and author of popular yachting blog The Swedish African, tells us about the challenges of having guinea pigs on board and the silliest thing she's ever heard on a boat.  Read More

Sous Vide: The Basics

Posted: 11th Aug 2014

Written by: Spike Steele

While you’ll seldom see the words ‘sous vide’ on any menu, this cooking technique was originally utilized in the early 1970s to minimize product loss when cooking foie gras. Read More

Thunderstorms on the Horizon

Posted: 8th Aug 2014

Written by: Captain Rod Hatch

As the Mediterranean yachting season hits its peak, Captain Rod Hatch alerts us to some regulatory inspections, visa issues and possible dangers that yachts should be aware of. Read More

Hours of Rest Inspection Campaign

Posted: 7th Aug 2014

Written by: Paris MoU and Toyko MoU

An Inspection Campaign on STCW Hours of Rest will be carried out by Port State Control Officers between the 1st of September and the 30th of November 2014 in the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU regions. Read More

Classic Yachts: Dumping Money for Love

Posted: 4th Aug 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

If you love yachts, and I mean really love yachts, then you have to love classic yachts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a motor yacht, a tender, or a sailing yacht; for sheer head-turning elegance there’s little to beat the classi... Read More

Ship's Cook Certificate: UPDATE

Posted: 24th Jul 2014

Written by: PYA

The Ship's Cook Certificate (SCC) is required for all cooks who cook for crew and work onboard MCL compliant yachts with 10 or more crew. Read the summary on the latest details. Read More

Six Ways to Help Your Crew Go Above and Beyond

Posted: 24th Jul 2014

Written by: The Crew Coach

As the summer warms up, the heat is on and you’ve been very busy with guests, by now your crew’s desire to go above and beyond the call of duty could be starting to wane. Read More

Communicating with Captains

Posted: 18th Jul 2014

Written by: Ian Bone

This article isn't about a watch-keeping function or whether there is a risk of a collision.It's about how you communicate as captain, which reveals much about your leadership style. Read More

Yacht Chef Inspiration: Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Cheesecake

Posted: 17th Jul 2014

Written by: Spike Steele

Working as a yacht chef, you sometimes come across treasured ingredients you haven’t seen in years. In Antibes I found a small market stall which had 8 stalks of ruby red rhubarb. Read More

Stew Tips: Natural Cleaning Products (Not) to Die For

Posted: 10th Jul 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Healthier products in cleaning caddies mean healthier stews and a healthier ocean, and it's naive to think that strong, chemically laden cleaning products will do a better job. Read More

How to Survive a Six-Week Charter

Posted: 9th Jul 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Ed Thomas guides us through how to survive the stress and absurdities of a long charter, from how to keep yourself positive to the benefits of speaking in a West Country accent. Read More

The 'F' Word: Extreme Sailing in St Petersburg

Posted: 4th Jul 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

In St Petersburg last week, the River Neva and its historic backdrop of palaces and museums was plastered with triangular advertising billboards that you and I would identify as sails. Competition sailing is big business. Mark Tur... Read More

The Rosé Riviera

Posted: 3rd Jul 2014

Written by: Rod Smith

The epicentre of the yachting world – the Riviera – is also home to one of the world’s most definitive wine styles: Provence Rosé. The two go together like summer and sunshine. Read More

Stowage That Won't Break the Bank

Posted: 25th Jun 2014

Written by: Superyacht Operating Systems

Wouldn't it be great if it didn't cost a fortune to create professional stowage. Doesn't everyone want a beautiful walk in china store to house the yacht's collection of plates, flatware, glassware and accessories? Read More

Do Your Crew Share Your Vision for Success?

Posted: 25th Jun 2014

Written by: Alison Rentoul

As a leader one of the most important skills you can master is the art of making your crew want to do what you want them to do. Not only do you not have time to personally crack the whip continuously or micromanage every single cr... Read More

The Vulnerable Captain: Making Better Hiring Decisions

Posted: 20th Jun 2014

Written by: Simon Harvey

Vulnerability is often seen as weakness, but is in fact a valuable building block in good leadership. If you challenge your hiring habits, you will have a better crew dynamic- and a happier owner. Read More

Q&A: Nat Lemieux, Shamrock V

Posted: 13th Jun 2014

Written by: OnboardOnline

Sailor Nat Lemieux speaks to OnboardOnline about the problem with motoryachts, the joy of free toothpaste and the paper-work heavy future of yachting. Read More

The Do's and Don'ts of Dockwalking

Posted: 29th May 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Almost all newcomers to the yachting industry will have to dockwalk; it's almost a rite of passage. Here are some hints by Ed Thomas on how to raise your chances of success. Read More

Cheeki Rafiki- Questions for the Future

Posted: 21st May 2014

Written by: Richard Donkin

Whatever the outcome of the search for the Cheeki Rafiki crew, the sailing fraternity will need to take a long hard look at this incident to see whether lessons can be learned for the future. Read More

Stew Tips: Fear suede? Fear not!

Posted: 19th May 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Stews often fear or dislike cleaning suede. In her third Q-Tips and Toothpicks column, SYSA's Isobel Odendaal gives some advice about the care and cleaning of this difficult fabric. Read More

Yacht Captains Association Announces New Member Benefits

Posted: 14th May 2014

Written by: Yacht Captains Association

Non-profit association dedicated to professional yacht Captains initiates programs with respected travel, hospitality and financial management companies. Read More

Girls on Deck: One of the Boys

Posted: 30th Apr 2014

Written by: Lisa Dijkshoorn

Stewardesses often tell me they would love to work on deck.In some girls I definitely see the potential, in others not so much. I think they see my tan, and how much fun it appears to be, but it hasn't always been that easy. Read More

Ilija Dimitrijevic, Captain of M/Y Ocean Paradise

Posted: 24th Apr 2014

Written by: Karen Hockney

Captain Ilija Dimitrijevic used to have what many people would consider the dream job…running two diving schools in the beautiful waters of Croatia and Montenegro. Read More

Captain Stephane Benfield, S/Y Altair

Posted: 23rd Apr 2014

Written by: Karen Hockney

Named after one of the galaxy’s brightest stars, Altair has long been considered the benchmark in restored pre-war classic sailing yachts. Read More

The Antibes vs Palma Revelation

Posted: 18th Apr 2014

Written by: Ed Thomas

Before accepting my current job in Antibes, I have to admit that I was fairly anti the place. I had a prejudice against it; my allegiance was to Palma, a city that I loved. Read More

Bad Bunkering in the Pacific

Posted: 8th Apr 2014

Written by: Mel Thunderbolt

While diving for treasure on a boat in the South Pacific, the first sign of trouble for engineer Mel Thunderbolt was when she first heard the engine rev a little too high. Read More

Ten Things I Didn't Know: Dockwalking is Fun!

Posted: 28th Mar 2014

Written by: Nikki Ridley

I thought I knew a lot about yachting when I made the decision to join the hordes in Antibes. I suspected dockwalking was a thing to be feared and that I was immune to seasickness. Read More

Captain Alex Tilleray, SY Manitou

Posted: 28th Mar 2014

Written by: Karen Hockney

My first sighting of the legendary Manitou is inauspicious given her unique history. It’s a breezy February afternoon and the 62 ft performance yacht is moored at the old port in Cannes. Read More

Stew Tips: The Dreaded Orchids

Posted: 24th Mar 2014

Written by: Isobel Odendaal

Most stews have had to look after those dreaded Phalaenopsis orchids. This month’s column is dedicated to tips for keeping them alive for longer than the guests’ arrival day. Read More


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