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Monjin Yachting Launches First Online Video Interview Platform

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Monjin Yachting has launched the first video-interviewing online platform for the yachting world and believes that this is the way forward for recruitment procedures in the industry.

The One Way interview tool uses video technology to identify top quality talent. Our research shows we can save 70% of the time and 80% of the cost it takes when using outdated processes of screening applicant CVs alone.

The Monjin Platform cuts out the complexities of scheduling meetings or calls across timezones. Save on unnecessary expenses to fly out unsuitable candidates that just looked good on CV.

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How it Works

Captains, managers and recruiters who subscribe to the Monjin One Way tool can shortlist large volumes of applicants. They send applicants questions related to the position and invite multiple candidates to complete the online video interview. Candidates complete their video responses from anytime, and anywhere in the world.

The recruiter can access the pre-recorded interview through the Monjin platform at their convenience and rate the video. In this competitive market, quality hires are snatched up. The recruiter will quickly spot the best candidates. 

Recruiters improve the service offered to their clients by sharing a selection of the best candidates’ video interviews with future employers. It is no longer required to search social media sites to get first impressions of the candidate or spend time communicating back and forth about prospective candidates with clients.

Captains, HoDs and owner’s representatives can easily watch the applicant’s video interview, leave their comments and decide whether the person is right for the position. This saves over 75% of the time traditionally required to hire a person.

Online video interviewing improves the quality of candidates hired as it personalizes the recruitment. The personality and skills of the candidate are assessed. Prospective crew have the opportunity to show what they’re really made of.

Watch this video to get an insight into how it works -

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Don’t Take Our Word for it

Leading crew agencies like Dovaston Crew and Pelorus’ Captain are already on board and hiring with Monjin Yachting. 

“We used Monjin Yachting platform to recruit our new stewardess in under  8 hours from screening the candidate to hiring her. It’s so simple to use and speeds up the process. Just what we were looking for,” says Pelorus Captain (115m yacht).

“Twice the number of candidates were screened in half the time,” Dovaston Crew owner, Helen Warren. 

For those at the forefront of recruitment within the dynamic yachting industry, jump onboard with Monjin at

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