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Luxury Hospitality & Asaro: Teaching Crew to Think Outside the Box

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Luxury Hospitality and Asaro are teaching crew how to think outside the box in order to create bespoke events for yacht owners and charterers at the very highest level. 

Imagine this: A pristine beach on a Caribbean island. Anchored off the coast there are two pirate ships. On the beach you witness a sword fight between Captain Blackbeard and one of his mates. Just a few meters down a soup is being prepared above a campfire. And then, an unexpected scare... kaboom...a cannon is fired!

It seems you’ve ended up in the middle of a movie set, and you’re right. Or close enough. It’s an immersive event created by Asaro, a unique company run by the British couple George and Kirsty Brooks. Asaro embrace the spirit of discovery – over the past five years they’ve delivered all kinds of unforgettable experiences for yacht owners and their families with theatrical scenes, quests and games, all created from scratch and brought to life in immaculate detail.

“Five years ago a captain asked us to come up with an event for the owner of his ship. Kirsty and I had been working in the event industry for years, but this took us to the next level. Since then we’ve never looked back.” George said about Asaro’s beginnings.

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Kirsty and George surrounded themselves with a team of professionals, consisting of scriptwriters, directors, make up artists, costume makers and decorators, plus a network of excelling actors. Asaro creates events for the world’s elite, where nothing is left to chance.

Asaro - Spirit of Discovery

And that shows. Every event gets its own script and unique costumes. No two stories are alike. “We deliver around twelve events a year and each event takes months of research, development, rehearsals and logistics.” says Kirsty.

And they don’t stop there. During an event, game or theatre, the guests participate as well. “Our goal is to entertain the guests, give them an amazing new experience and, at the same time, help them learn something new, especially the children.” George explains. “We help people discover a whole new side to a location and its history, and we always encourage the family to interact with the world we create and the characters they meet.”

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In order to get it right, Asaro builds great relationships with captains and owners' representatives. “We want to know who we’re dealing with, what boat owners and their families like, and especially what they don’t like. To make the children feel special we’ll write them a personalized letter from a character in the story, and hide it in their room for them to discover!”

Luxury Hospitality Management

Asaro is the answer to one of the toughest jobs onboard a yacht: creating a unique event for owners and their family during a trip. Peter Vogel, hospitality specialist and founder of Luxury Hospitality Academy, asked George and Kirsty to be part of his training - Self-Managing Leadership, Captains and Senior Crew - which starts late October.

It’s a unique cooperation between Luxury Hospitality and Asaro. At the start of the LH training, when they get a glimpse of what Asaro has created, everyone’s eyes widen. None of the participants believe it’s even possible to imagine an Asaro event, let alone deliver one. But at the end of the day’s training, all that has changed.

“Kirsty and George teach our participants how to think big and outside the box, and how to see and plan things differently. In the end, two teams have to create their own fictional event, and Asaro give their feedback on the entire process.” Peter Vogel explains.

One chief stewardess who participated wrote in her review: “I have provided the owner with his best ever event - and it is all thanks to your training (ok, and a lot of hard work!). It has been the confidence and inspiration I got during the training which got me where I am today. I have found this power within me that makes me tell the crew and captain it is possible and we will do it! So, a big thank you is what I wanted to say!”

George and Kirsty are also very happy with their partnership with Luxury Hospitality since it gives them the opportunity to build relationships with onboard crew, and give them the skills to transform their event program and raise the bar for guest experiences across the industry.

Course brochure:
Luxury Hospitality - Leadership & Management, Captains & Senior Crew

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