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Here's Why Successful People Have Mentors

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They say success comes with insight, however insight is only achieved by seeing the world through a lens other than your own. No matter how successful you perceive yourself to be, that success is not sustainable unless you continue to approach life with an inner curiosity and drive to explore your world views from other peoples’ perspective.

Unfortunately this is rarely achieved on your own, and this is why ‘successful’ people invest in themselves by engaging with a professional mentor or coach - rather than coming from a self righteous space of ‘my way is the right way’, they are comfortable with being vulnerable and are open to learning.

As the term success is very subjective, however for the purpose of this article I am referring to individuals who have received international recognition for their claim to success, as it highlights that success comes with a huge amount of inner work so coaching or seeking support are not only for those who are struggling, but those who are already viewed as successful by the public eye.

Through working with a mentor, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and enough confidence to challenge any limiting beliefs that you may have (and believe me we all have them) which can get in the way of your continued success. In addition to this, coaching will build on the skills of empathy and compassion aka. your emotional intelligence. These two skills are renowned as being the most effective problem-solving skills you can possess, and I think we can all agree that successful people are no different to anyone else – they have been influenced by their life experiences and are not immune to life's problems either.  

mentorsSuccess doesn't mean you have nailed it at life and you can now bow and take a seat. We are still susceptible to failure, whether it be personal or professional. Truly self-aware individuals do not abuse the power that comes with their success - they know they may trip up but they also know that their coaches will pick them up when they fall. Evidence shows us that individuals who have enjoyed ongoing success such as the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Andre Agassi have all worked with a mentor.

Here are some of my top techniques that I use with my clients in helping them gain and maintain success:  

Seeing the unseen

Naturally, we will see things from a biased standpoint, however mentors will be able to look at your situation objectively and give you a heightened clarity over your situation. So often we have blind spots or hidden areas of our sense of self that sit in our unconscious until they are brought to our awareness. I work with my clients in helping them identify limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck, and we then look at the evidence to challenge their unhelpful beliefs and work on developing new belief systems that will transform their way of thinking and behaving.

Gentle challenging

Having a personal cheerleader to stroke your ego is not going to sustain your success. My job is to not pull the wool over my clients’ eyes but to rather help them overcome adversity which is achieved through walking alongside the client during the uncomfortable stages of growth. By doing this, I enable my clients to feel empowered as they reach the outcome that they have hoped for. 


Robust and honest conversations are held between yourself and your coach, and your coach will help you unleash your true potential.  Problem-solving is far more effective when you can talk to someone who you can trust and who can actively listen to you.

mentors 2Establishing direction

Sometimes we may get swept up in a rut and forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. I love helping my clients rediscover and connect with their values through a process of discovery and transformation. Your true purpose is more often than not connected to serving others with your unique offering.

Helping you move forward

Coaches are excellent in helping you move forward with an action plan. It is totally normal to get caught up in a whirlwind of our day-to-day responsibilities and errands that we tend to neglect the things that are important to us. Coaches are very good at helping you to press the pause button and reconnect to what is important to you in your life. 


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