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Yacht Crew: Can Couples Get Jobs on Superyachts?

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Many jobseekers looking to join the industry ask ‘Can couples get jobs on superyachts?’

The answer is yes, but often a different approach is required.

When looking to gain your first job on a superyacht, take a long look at your CV, as this is the key to your success.

Superyacht CVs do differ slightly from land-based CVs as they require a photo of you, just you; not you and your partner

Please remember it is not a fashion shoot. This picture could be viewed by the captain, owner or any number of heads of departments- both male and female.  First impressions are priceless!

As a couple searching for jobs on superyachts, please do not be tempted to join your CVs together. This is for 2 reasons; firstly, it does not look professional and secondly, it is best to sell your individual strengths and to keep your options open just in case…

The fact is that many superyachts have couples working aboard, whether they join the boat as a team or romance simply blossoms while working together. So, is the captain happy about the newfound bounce in your step, or somewhat concerned about the impact on the yacht?

Couples Superyahcts4For any captain there are positive and negative reasons to take into consideration when employing a couple, and these can vary greatly depending on the size of the yacht and the crew. Below I have provided you with some of the thought processes that we have come across from some of Hemisphere’s clients.

Positive connotations: 

  • Couples tend not to be such party goers;

  • Couples understand their actions reflect on the other person;

  • Long term couples tend to be more secure;

  • Couples do tend to work harder for each other, especially when the scenario is assisting the other with their work load;

  • Couples may consider negotiating on salary to have the option to work together.  

Negative connotations:  

  • When socializing as a crew, a couple could segregate themselves to gain some precious alone time. 

  • If they haven’t been together long, could arguments cause disruption to the rest of the crew? 

  • Is there a possibility of one of the couple pulling rank due to the status of their partner?

  • If one leaves or is dismissed, what are the chances that the Captain will lose two crew members at the same time? 

  • If one is not performing or commits gross misconduct do they retain the other person?

  • If one is reprimanded will the other bear a grudge?  

If you are adamant about finding jobs together, another option is for one of you to join a ‘couple-friendly’ boat.

This means that the yacht has no problem with having couples aboard, but there is only a vacancy for one of you at that time. However, should another suitable position arise, the yacht will consider your partner. (Of course, this is not written in stone as another person may be better qualified for the position.)

Do not be tempted to get a permanent job on another yacht whilst waiting for a position to become available aboard your partner’s ‘couple friendly’ yacht. If you are not prepared to commit to a minimum of one year, then don’t take a permanent job.  Temporary or seasonal positions are fine or, at the very least, please inform the yacht that you are in a couple. Some crew will promise loyalty, only to skip onto their partner’s yacht at the first opportunity; which is not fair on the captain, owner or crew of the yacht you are leaving.

Having worked on yachts with my partner it is a lot of fun, but remember to join in with the rest of the crew.  It will only enhance your experience aboard!

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