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Seven Ways Yacht Crew Hold Themselves Back

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Does it seem like career opportunities are passing you by? Perhaps you feel outperformed by your peers? Maybe you’re in a rut at work and not sure how to give your career a boost? People can easily lose their spark after a few hectic seasons in yachting and as a consequence, they can begin to lose sight of their goals. If this is happening to you, take some time to reconnect with your bigger picture and don’t allow yourself to become distracted or sidetracked. If you want to reach your goals you need to keep your eyes on your career at all times.

Here are seven things that could be holding back your yachting career:

1. You’ve stopped investing in learning or development

Industry requirements are constantly changing as new courses and learning opportunities are introduced to yacht crew. Make it your goal to keep up and stay ahead rather than being left behind. You might want to learn a new language or learn more about the other departments on board; maybe you want to improve your wine knowledge or pick up a new navigation system. When you show your supervisors that you are eager to learn, they will share more responsibility with you and see if you’re ready to step up. A lack of interest in learning reflects a lack of motivation and ambition.

2. You’re not a team player

Being a team player is essential to being a good crew member. When you work and live with your co-workers, you have to show a consideration for other people and the team as a whole. If you’re only interested in furthering your own career but can’t work well with others, the yachting industry might not be for you.

3. You’re partying too much

A ‘boozy’ reputation will ruin your career chances more than you’d think. Look back on your work ethic over the past few months: how often have you arrived late with a hangover? Do you struggle to focus on the job at hand because you’ve been out all night? Have you let the crew down as a result of a night out? You could be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t have a clean off-duty and on-duty reputation.

4. You lack career vision

You can’t hit a target you can’t see. If you don’t know where you want to go with your career, you won’t know how to get there. Write down a few short, medium and long-term career goals that will help you establish a plan of action. Put your goals up where you can see them regularly so you can stay focussed and on track.

5. You stay in the shadows

Proactive crew take initiative, ask questions and step up to challenges and these are the attributes that will get you promoted. If you’re naturally shy and prefer to stay in the shadows where you work diligently without recognition, you are at risk of becoming frustrated. Even if you’re shy, look for opportunities and ask questions. Make your supervisors aware of your ambitions so they can give you more responsibility.

6. You don’t look after yourself

A sick, stressed or physically and emotionally exhausted crew member will not be able to pull their weight. Without realising it, they become a hindrance to the rest of the team who end up doing their work for them. It is every crew member’s duty to look after their health and make sure they don’t burn out through not taking care of themselves.

7. You’re not networking

This is especially important when you reach a more senior level in your career. More senior crew often hear of jobs or interview for positions that are passed onto them through industry contacts rather than crew agencies. Start building your network early on in your career and maintain it by building strong relationships.

Ultimately, your career is you responsibility. Be strategic about what you want and where you want to go and then set out to achieve it. A well mapped-out career will keep you focussed and put you ahead of the game.

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