The Illustrated Boat Dictionary

The Illustrated Boat Dictionary

illustrated boat dictionary

The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages is a first! 
Helpful explanatory illustrations, arranged by topic, will enable you to communicate quickly and easily abroad when you need help but can’t speak the language.

Centred around clear, full colour, annotated diagrams in each subject area, the dictionary makes it easy and convenient to translate between nine languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese and Greek). 

Zoom into the diagrams and easily show someone what is meant (or what is broken!) without having to worry about the language barrier. And it also facilitates learning new words in each language with this helpful visual reference.

Amazingly comprehensive, and specifically geared to yachtsmen and motorboaters, this is a must-have reference for anyone cruising or racing to foreign waters.

From general terms such as 'port' and 'starboard' to technical words relating to parts of the boat, engine and rigging repair and maintenance, The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages is amazingly comprehensive, and includes supplementary terms for many topics even when they don't feature in the illustrations.

Topics covered:

- Parts of a boat (sail and power)

- Manoeuvring, berthing and anchoring

- Tides, navigation and weather

- Parts of an engine, including outboards

- Water, gas, electrical and steering systems

- Tools, plus maintenance and repair terms

- Safety equipment and parts of the body

“...amazingly comprehensive.” – Yachting Life 

- Always with you on your Phone/Tablet
- No internet connection needed

Imagine the scenario: you’ve just set off on a cruise to explore a foreign country, and are having a great trip towards your evening port of call when bang!, you hit an unidentified object that damages your rudder and, in the ensuing chaos, leads to a rope getting wrapped around your propeller, which you can’t easily clear. 

With the wind dying you make the decision that you need some help, but to make matters worse, you don’t speak the local language, so when you do finally make contact with the authorities, you struggle to explain the problem, and the fact that you need a tow, then a lift-out at the marina and some repairwork.

Of course, this sort of situation is, hopefully, rare, but being able to communicate with the local people – whether it is to ask for a berth, a spare part or where the nearest chandlery/supermarket is – is very important.

This App offers a comprehensive list of terms relating to all things boaty, and it also includes an extensive range of clear and informative pictures. So, even if your pronunciation is a bit out, you should still be able to make yourself understood, quickly and efficiently - this is a vital part of your cruising kit.

Whether you’re a keen offshore sailor, motorboater or even an armchair boating enthusiast, The Illustrated 9-Language Boat Dictionary is a handy reference tool that will help expand both your ability to communicate and your horizons.

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