Aruba Utilities

Aruba Utilities

aruba utilities

Aruba Utilities includes a number of tools useful for characterizing and troubleshooting wireless LANs from Aruba Networks. Some tools work with any WLAN, others fetch data from Aruba’s controllers, Airwave management system and location engine.

• The Handover Tab shows current access point ID and name, dynamic signal strength and RSSI measurements, other access points audible to (scanned by) the device and handover events.
• The Controller Tab logs into an Aruba controller using Telnet or SSH. Various commands can be run and repeated. Special features include blinking the LEDs on a specified AP.
• The Aperf Tab is an iPerf v2 implementation (best used in client mode, but also supports server and bidirectional modes), useful for throughput testing.
• The Floorplan Tab downloads the floorplan picture and AP details from an Airwave WLAN management system or Analytics & Location Engine (ALE). It displays location and location history of a target MAC. It also shows AP locations, with configuration data including current loading, channels and power, and a simple Aruba-specific site survey function.
• An implementation of the Airwave Management Client reports device information and scanned APs to the Airwave WLAN management system.
• Scans and measurements are written to a plain-text log file. A one-button email function generates an email from an account on the device and emails this log and a number of other log files as attachments.

Aruba Utilities was developed by the CTO Group in Aruba Networks as a testbed for our research into WLAN measurement and optimization techniques. It will be of interest to network engineers with Aruba Networks WLANs, particularly those with Airwave and ALE. We would like to make this tool as useful as possible, so please send us your comments and ideas.

There are two forums for discussion. The Beta program is on a Google+ Community which will give automatic access to new Beta releases via the Google Play Store. Meanwhile we have general discussions on Airheads Social (search with "Aruba Utilities" for the threads like this ).
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