Piracy Incident Report: Venezuela

Piracy Incident Report: Venezuela

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A detailed report from Allmode Security, with regular updates on piracy activity in the region of Indonesia this year. Incidents include multiple hijacks, boardings and attempted boardings. Despite the increased patrolling and extra monitoring of this particular region, pirates are still managing to board slow moving vessels whilst underway. Allmode advise continued enhanced vigilance in this piracy hotspot. 

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Piracy Incident Report: 495

Incident Type:Boarded
Area:Guanta Anchorage, Venezuela Position:
Date of Incident: 16.08.15
Time of Incident (LT):0600
information Source: :IMB 

The Bosun, on routine rounds on-board an anchored General Cargo ship, noticed three store rooms opened and their padlocks broken. He immediately raised the alarm and the crew were mustered. It was noticed that the robbers had boarded the ship via the anchor chain and then stole ship’s property, before making their escape.

Allmode Comment:

The economic situation on mainland Venezuela is in a desperate state and this will only encourage more robberies from insecure vessels anchored in the ports. It is essential that all steps are taken to secure the goods and stores on any vessel in a Venezuelan port, as the black market for goods of any value is huge. 

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