Allmode Advisory: Libya

Allmode Advisory: Libya

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Advisory 047

Incident Type: Attack
Area: Offshore Derna, Libya
Position: 10 miles offshore approx.
Information Source: Media

Incident: A Turkish owned, Cook Islands flagged general cargo ship has come under artillery fire and airstrikes whilst transiting off the coast of Libya, near to the ports of Derna and Tobruk. The exact details of the attack are unknown, but media sources and a spokesperson for the internationally recognised Tobruk government have said that warnings have been issued to vessels not to visit the port of Derna, where the government claim the attacked vessel was headed. During the attack, the third officer from Turkey is thought to have been killed and other crew members injured. The Turkish government have condemned the attack and insist that the vessel was in International waters.

Allmode Comment: Back in January, a Greek owned oil tanker was also bombed off the Libyan coast and the warring governments issued a warning to ship’s entering Libyan territorial waters. The town of Derna, in particular has come under great scrutiny, as it is a known stronghold for the Islamic State militant group and as such any ship attempting to enter Derna port will be putting themselves at considerable risk. This incident will definitely put strain on the relationship between Turkey and Libya and puts all shipping transiting near to the Libyan coastline, at a serious threat of an unprovoked attack. 


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