Allmode Advisory 045: STCW Security Requirements

Allmode Advisory 045: STCW Security Requirements

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Advisory Type: STCW Security Awareness Requirements deadline 1st July 2015
Date: 21/04/2015
Information Source: Allmode

As of 1st July 2015 any crew member that works a duty or stands a watch without valid PDSD certification, will be missing a component part of their mandatory STCW. This will affect the vessels P&I insurance which requires all of the crew being fully certified for the position that they hold on board.

Contrary to some beliefs, the Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) is not suitable for yacht crew as it does not meet formal STCW requirements. Where a crew member is required to carry out any function within the SSP mthen they must obtain the full PDSD certification.

With the deadline rapidly approaching for all watch keeping yacht crew members to hold valid Proficiency in Dedicated Security Duties (PDSD), are your crew fully qualified in order to avoid non conformities and subsequent inconvenience, time and revenue loss?

Allmode Limited are providing IOM Flag approved training programmes for the Yachting Industry which includes the STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness & for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties course (PDSD). IOM Flag State is a “White List “ Flag State, STCW training and certification issued under the authority of the IOM marine administration is recognized and accepted by all IMO member states.

We also offer a bespoke Crew-Safe module in addition to the PDSD which increases crew safety and security awareness and helps to build a culture aboard that mitigates risk related issues.

By choosing to the two courses together, you are provided with a practical training programme which covers the key elements of the STCW PDSD course plus training and awareness of a range of other security related issues which affect the yacht and its crew members.


This PDSD course outlines the necessary security requirements to meet all mandatory requirements, which includes:
 Reporting a security incident
 Security threat procedures
 Enhancement of maritime security through heightened awareness
 Recognition of security risks and threats
 Maintaining security awareness and vigilance
 Maintaining conditions set out in a Ship Security Plan.
 Vessel Security Inspections
 Security equipment and systems


Crew-Safe specifically focuses on Security and Travel Awareness which are fundamental to the safety of yachts and which takes the basis of the STCW course and provides the crew members with a practical understanding of the key security threats which are faced aboard yachts and in the environments which they find themselves in. In particular, looking at how crew members can protect themselves whilst ashore.
Crew-Safe covers the following key areas and builds a robust training experience for the crew around the core elements:
• Situational Awareness
• Document / Information Security
• Counter Surveillance
• Crew Tracking & Communications
• Journey Management
• Accommodation Security
• Shark Watch
• Vessel and personnel searching techniques
• Conflict Management
• Event Planning
• Vessel Security

For further information regarding costs, dates and locations for the training courses please contact Allmode direct and we can answer any additional questions or queries that you may have.

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