Advisory: Yemen Update

Advisory: Yemen Update





Advisory Update: 043

Advisory Type: Ban on ships entering Yemen Territorial Waters

Date: 14/04/15

Information Source: Allmode


BIMCO have advised that all navigation into Yemen’s territorial waters has been banned as of the 13th April and all ships should expect to be inspected and approved by Saudi-led coalition forces.

This announcement came after a meeting with the Yemen Minister of Foreign Affairs, after he had spoken to the Foreign Minister, Riyadh Yassin on Saturday. The Minister said,
‘Yemen has banned entry into the territorial waters and has authorized coalition countries to implement the decision, adding that the ban has been imposed on the country’s maritime zones.”

However, the maritime zone has not been defined and it is advised that clarification be sought from port agents and insurers before calling at any port in Yemen. 

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Advisory Type: Update on advisory 036
Date: 26/03/2015
Information Source:Allmode

As a result of this action and the possible repercussions it may have, All major Sea Ports within the country have been shut down. The ports include; Aden, Al Mukalla, Al Mokha and Al Hudaydah. It may include the LNG terminal at Balhaf, which mainly exports natural gas to Asia and Europe. This has not yet been confirmed, but is a distinct possibility. Confirmation of this will follow.

The security of the region, particularly the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, is a major concern, as this is an important trade route for both Asia and Europe and has prompted other Arab nations to act.

Military Action: Egypt have sent four Naval vessels immediately, to the Gulf of Aden, via the Suez Canal and these are expected to reach the Red Sea by Thursday evening.

Allmode: recommend staying in close communication with your vessels, agents and service providers within the region so that situational awareness can be maintained. Marsec Levels should be revised and the highest level of security should be maintained aboard.

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