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Save the Med Launches new Campaign: Define Humano

Save the Med has announced the launch of their new project, 'Define Humano'. The new initiative, set up in collaboration with Patterson Agency, brings together scientists, environmentalists, thinkers and creators to explore our role on the planet, to redefine together what it is to be human and to co-create the future of humanity.

The loss of biodiversity is closely related to the increase in pandemics and to climate change. During the months of  confinement we initiated this project to explore how,  by reducing our environmental impact, developing regenerative cultures, recovering marine ecosystems  and rethinking the way we educate, can revolutionise  the way we live on Earth. 

Low impact life

Experts, ecologists and thinkers offer us their vision on how we can change our habits to reduce pollution, mitigate climate change and maintain a good quality of life.

Marine regeneration

By reducing human pressure on marine habitats we can achieve regeneration and balance of ecosystems and increase biodiversity, fish populations and their biomass.

Collaborative communities

By redefining the meaning of success and economics, we can base our societies, communities and businesses on collaborative values ​​and restore nature to its central role in wellness and life.

Rethinking education

By developing comprehensive educational models, which put life, collaboration and emotion at the center, we can overcome the social and environmental challenges of our time.

Watch the video below to learn more (please note this is only available in Spanish):


group of experts gives us their vision on what the humility could be after this crisis. Iban Miró, Cooperative at La Ciutat Invisible, says, “I would like the whole of humanity to reinforce the social bonds of solidarity over and above commercial relations. That we unite to undo the capitalism of inequality and ecocide; to live with cooperation, economic democracy, social justice and in ecological harmony with nature. The human being is capable of the best dreams and the worst nightmares. Let's be the dream! "

At you will find interviews, infographics and downloadable documents that help us to take steps towards a new reality, in which humans are more aware and respectful of the environment.

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