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On The Frontlines: Illegal Fishing in Africa: The Must See Follow Up To Seaspiracy

The waters around Africa are home to a huge array of breathtaking marine animals including many species of tuna, leatherback sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and migratory species such as whale sharks, birds, humpback whales, porpoises and Bryde’s whales.

But sadly, these waters are also plagued by poachers who plunder the seas and threaten these precious biodiversity hotspots. In an age of biodiversity crisis, we need to defend these critical areas, and that's why Sea Shepherd is working with national authorities and regional partners to stamp out poaching and protect this vital marine habitat. 

“Most people know Africa’s iconic elephants, rhinos and gorillas need protection from poachers, but few people realise that illegal fishing activities and also wiping out Africa’s precious marine wildlife,” says Captain Peter Hammarstedt. That’s why Sea Shepherd’s new film 'On The Frontlines: Illegal Fishing in Africa' which follows the company’s critical frontline campaigns in African waters has just launched, and if you've watched Seaspiracy, this powerful new micro-documentary is a must-see. 

The short film explores in-depth how Sea Shepherd is working with local governments to shut down poaching in African waters and saving the lives of millions of marine animals. 

You will gain an insight into the threat of illegal fishing and learn exactly how Sea Shepherd is fighting back against some of the most pressing issues uncovered in Seaspiracy.

Watch the micro-documentary here:




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