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Porto degli Argonauti

Lido di Macchia
Marina di Pisticci

  • Contact Information

    : 74
  • : +39 0835 470218
  • :
  • Emergency Numbers

    Ambulance: 118
    Carabinieri Police : 112
    Fire Department: 115

Latitude & Longitude:

40.3405269 16.7893034

  • Berth Sizes

    : 30m
  • : 4m
  • :
  • Berths Available

  • : Total Berths: 450
  • :
  • :


Customs & Immigration
Fuel Dock & Truck Delivery
Sewage Disposal


: 73km
: 0.0
: 0.0

General Information & Marina Services

The Porto Degli Argonauti is classified as an “internal port” on the Ionian coast of Basilicata. It is preceded by an external outer Harbour with break water jetties that define the 50 metre entrance mouth with a depth of 4 metres to the seabed, marked by two flashing green and red navigation lights.
The entrance coordinates are: 40° 20′,00 North and 16° 49,00 East.
After the outer harbour, at the end of the access canal, that has a slightly curved course of about 450 metres, 40 metres wide, there are two rectangular docks, 220 metres long and 140 metres wide, with equipped fixed landing jetties.
The docks, surrounded by the luxuriant pinewood vegetation, offer an ample area for manoeuvring plus the boatyard wharves where refuelling can be carried out.

Beacons and navigation lights
The entrance in correspondence to the break water jetties is marked by two navigation lights, red and green, that flash every 4 seconds, visible from 3.7 nautical miles. The access canal to the docks is marked by a fixed red light beacon visible from 1.0 nautical mile.


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